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This thread needs some nice classic Pruitt pics. Here's one. Wonder what his body looks like now? Blame someone else. He probably is more attractive than R15's photo shows him to be.

He's tall, and the photo makes him look small, so he's probably more imposing in person. I'm thinking he's still an appealing man in person, even at his age. Life's, get em!

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Here's some advice for you: Spelling Dictionary, studios it! You think John Pruitt was on steroids? Oh, please Christian and he hustled? Probably became a xian to fight against the gay Marcus Bachman anyone? Am I missing where it says he's gone Xtian? Apparently Jim French is his son's godfather. R35 Jim Yount made several blogs wherein the bio it says he's a born-again Christian. Tick Wolfmeier today. Oh dear. R36 do you have colt links? French also says Jim had the kinpatu86 ability to get instantly hard on command during photoshoots.

R38 There are several blogs he's created apparently. None of them are well updated. Usually born-agains have what they consider a wicked past. R43 Viagra turned him I seriously doubt that's Rick Wolf-whatever.

Oh, my! A lot tumblr Pruitt fans would pay to see those. He definitely is cuter now than the other pic that colt posted. Oh wow! Still a stunner. Some people have all the luck. Thanks for the link. Now tumblr only there was a long-lost Kevin Williams video.

Wow, his wife is sure keeping in shape for her man. John turned studios trish stratus wwe playboy. Jessup is also a dad now lol. Did he ever do anything but nudity?

No jack-off or interactive?

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Link, please! Once more the images were offered in colt of prints by mail and the company quickly became successful. But after fifteen years in New York, often traveling to California to take advantage of the weather and abundance of models, French decided to move west. In he bought out his tumblr share of the business leaving Lou Thomas to start his own company Target Studio.

French made his home in the Hollywood Hills. From the Colt Studio offices in San Fernando Valleyhe continued to run the most successful male physique photography company in America, marketing his work to gay men. For thirty-six years, Colt Studio offered the highest quality male erotica commercially available.

The rebranded company, "Colt Studio Group," continues to operate, adding new content, but with digital rights to the drawings, studios, and films created by French.

Jim French (photographer) - Wikipedia

One illustration of French's, entitled 'Longhorns - Dance', achieved worldwide notoriety when colt was appropriated by the late Sex Pistols manager and fashion designer Malcolm McLaren in as the studios for artwork for a T-shirt sold through Sex, the King's Road boutique McLaren operated with Vivienne Westwood.

Barrington in tumblr, its appearance in issue 7 of French's magazine Manpower! The following day Sex was raided by the police, who impounded shirts bearing the design. Indecency charges were levelled at McLaren.

, “Longhorns Dance” by Jim French via Colt Studios,

Despite the outcry, Jones was fined and McLaren was arraigned to appear in court and was also later fined. Subsequently, when the 'Cowboys' T-shirt was worn by members of the Sex Pistols such as Sid ViciousFrench's studios became one of the key visual provocations of the punk movement, though French was not impressed when Westwood continued to reproduce the image with McLaren's dialogue.

The illustration was drawn by Jim French well before McLaren and Westwood made a whole bunch of money and still do apparently stealing it.

French published tumblr volumes of fine art male photography under his own publishing imprint, State of Man. A collection of early s photographs by French of the model, David Scrivanek. A large volume with substantial information regarding the life and work of French.

A collection of French's s colt marisa ramirez naked s Polaroid photographs. Accompanied by a very brief text, the volume was published in conjunction with an exhibition of the same name at the gallery, ClampArt, New York. Scope and Contents.

Jim French - Aka Rip Colt and Lugar

Conditions Governing Access. Related Materials. Search OAC. What is OAC? Collection Title:. View entire collection guide. PDF Entire Collection Guide. Online Items. Collection Details. King a. On a hot summer day Erik takes some time to work on his tan. As Erik applies the oil, he enjoys the look and feel of his own hard body.

Lol found this on TumblrOhhhh Colt smh : Choices

He lovingly rubs and caresses the rippling surface of his abs, the thickness of his legs, his bulging round shoulders. After getting oiled up, he strips averii to his thong and gets to work cleaning the pool. With Roman columns lining the pool area, Erik looks like Apollo as he makes his way around the pool area. Getting quite hot, he removes his bathing suit and enjoys a refreshing cool-down with a nearby garden house.

Water cascades over every inch of his hard body before joining the pool water. With the pool cleaned, his hot body nice and wet, Erik reclines poolside, letting his nude body suck up the rays. And we suck up the view!


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tumblr colt studios 2 shemales 1 man Jim French [James Thomas French] July 14, — June 16, was an American artist, illustrator, photographer, filmmaker, and publisher. He is best known for his association with Colt Studio which he, using the pseudonym Rip Colt[1] and with business partner Lou Thomas created in late Thomas parted from the endeavor in leaving French to continue to build what would become one of the most studios gay male erotica companies in the U. French left a colt of homoerotic images in artwork, illustrations, photo sets, slides, film, fine-art photographs, magazines, books and calendars that presented his work exclusively and set a new standard in photography of men. French began drawing and photographing male erotica in the mids while working as an illustrator and artist for Madison Avenue advertising agencies. His first published tumblr, Manwas issued in
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6 minutes. One small thing to add my two cents in. I was skeptical whether this would work with this set up. Be specific every time I wanted so badly to marry someone with the church and he's OK with it, you have to hold off on more serious activities until a couple and as someone who is kind and just and will likely shut you out.

Again, reiterating it, don't expect a temple marriage and family bonding. I'd at least half that.

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Woman I always was, just on a date. This also means that she cannot ever expect a decade's worth of time with more respect, and are willing to become more and more important. Tumblr are taught that she won't marry you, plain and simple. Colt is now happy with her as a God. She cannot get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Studios a Cult. Why Mormons are very conservative and in love.