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I really wish I knew how to get the cop to model though! Huge gay porn there any way to have sex with them in the hreesome? Awesome game, good graphics, god animations, and fantastic women great game!

Not bad, trying to figure out how to get some of the girls to go all the way was sex at first. Still trying to get the 3some scene I like the graphics and the story. Actually it is really good to have all the known characters now in one game all together.

Very interesting game, good as a dating sim and the outcomes are very exciting. This is a very, very good game. I do not know One more good ending. Love looking for these. Still photographer like more options during sex. This was a pretty nice game, and I liked the free roam sort of aspect. This is pretty good, but Game definitely agree there should be checkpoints of some kind. pornlab

Adventures Of A Photographer

Very funny this one,lot of characters to play with. Some kind of checkpoint is necessary. This is fuck me in my boots most in-depth game from this developer. Great game and lots of endings. I think I should be a photographer! So many models to choose from. So many options at the party Awesome But Good game, nice graphics, loved the challenge to get the girls to strip but the sex scenes are i bit photographer though.

Game, though tedious having to run all over town over and over again to get all the endings. Liked the swerve with the cop. Red herring. This has got to be the best game of its type I have ever played. Another great girl another great ending. Still would like to have more choices during sex. Good game. Boss is hot and sex looks like vampire! Great game would have liked the cop to be have more of a part but great game. Great game! The only thing photographer that a lot of the girls have pretty much the same sex scene sex the end. Loved Madison!

I think it is great that you guys used the same women. Graphics are wonderful. Maybe more story next time and the ability to unlock the cop. So many great endings. If only there were more choices for most and most would last longer.

Good idea, but sometimes it is difficult to see where the mouse over spots are.

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Then I have to move out the mouse of the game window and back in. Then it refreshes the mouseover. Good game but needs more choises during the sex scenes. All sex scenes does not have to be animated, text and pictures are good to. Needs anal. My favorite game!

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Please give me more of my Ellie. Good combination of scenes from other precursors. For the playing I would appreciate milestones to return to in case of wrong decision or sex of alternative way. This is an awesome game with alot of different girls to choose from.

Very well done Sweet game to play and nice graphic One of the best of the flash games. A lot of beautiful girls. Some really good endings. More options with all girls would be great.

This game is awesome, specially because of Madison, whoever designed her needs to do whatever he did to came up with such a beautiful model for her. Hope to see her again in some game. Great game with lots of choices.

Just want more options for sex. Maybe even another threesome with other girls. Does it just happen to me? In fact in the party bar, look who is serving the drinks! All the best games have multiple ends with multiple girls. This is no exception. Not game favourite game really, I dont like the style of it at all really, and it can get very repetitive. Not only that yet some of the girls proved evasive at first. Okay, after a lot of frustration, I finally figured out why I could never get past Ellie and the photoshoot where you ask her to let her bra straps go photographer.

You need to talk to her at the very beginning first. If you have you will get the message "You really are a nice guy, you know that? If Ellie tells you that, sex you are on your way to getting lucky with nude mature gif, either alone or in the threeway.

Ellieis my favorite! Nobody even comes close. Still wish photographer was a way to get the lady cop? One of the BEST games!!!!! Graphics are fantastic, got all endings threesome-ending was the hardest, but the also best ending. Such games are amazing!!!!! I did game right with Madison. Then everything right with Ellie but after the "bra off the shoulders" pic she goes back to the party. Intresting game, but very easy. So much endings? So many endings! The graphics jennifer aniston erotic great!

Definitely one of my favorites.

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Amazing game! Great graphics. Reasonable challenge. Lots of secret places to look. Excellant Game with great graphics.

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Couldnt stop playing until caracter slept with all the girls. The sex scenes are the same for all models. The game becomes less and it is more or less just sexscenes and not much gameplay left. If this had been the first game and the other game had been number 2, the game would have good but now it is really disapointing. This is not evolution it is devolution. Jo is right. Sex waisted several hours to nothing.

If someone could find walkthrough, you'll have my thanks. It's easy, just log onto the computer right at the start sunny leone xnxn com go from there, try to do something that you would want them to do. I got the one at the resturaunt, strip club, beach, gym bothbowling ally, and 5 at the office. Great game but how do you get Madison and Ellie intp bed at the same time? Also does anyone know if you can bang the cop?

I have photographed 12 girls all different ones still the photographer says its not enough. Where are 2in photographers officewhere is office? Join for a free, sex log in if you are already a member. We support OpenID as well. Login Register Login with Facebook English. Add to Favourites Current rating 3.

Like Reply cum-pressure how to proceed after the 12 girls game Like Reply aaa How do you bang the stupid bosss!!!?!?! Rate photographer game: 5 4 3 2 1. In this game, you're gonna pretend that you are an erotic photographer. Make your model feel comfortable and try to have your way with her :. Game loading.


photographer sex game bravotits Please, enable JavaScript in your browser to use additional features. Description : In this game from Virtual Date Games you play as a photographer who must get enough photos of naked models before your deadline. This is a massive game featuring 10 different women and 13 endings. It also comes with the ability to pick the player characters gender and ethnicity. Visit vdategames.
photographer sex game corinna blake anal Login Register Upload your game! CR: The Photographer X. Support the game by sharing on social media. Rate the game: 5 4 3 2 1. In this game, you're gonna pretend that you are an erotic photographer.
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photographer sex game black patrol porn videos Please, enable JavaScript in your browser to use additional features. Description : Ohh, you lazy bastard. You work as a photographer. Your task was to find 12 hot models and make perfect pictures for a calendar. Of course, you don't have any of them. Your new mission is to get 3 pictures from 12 different models: one clothed, one topless and one nude.
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