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That would be genius. Can we go ahead and announce it as being a real thing? Is mixon too presumptuous? Please do. I second that motion. I had a ball during that shoot.

I spent seven days in Shreveport, Louisiana, working on my scenes. Not at all! You know what I mean? Are there going to be topless lot of gratuitous boob shots? There might be an aspect of katy, but No, not at all. Not with my daddy watching everything I do.

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My body double? Not really. We finished doing the scene where Danny and I were making out in the car, and my shirt was supposed to be coming off.

The boobs. Darling, can I tell you something? It was an interesting situation. I was gone in a hot second. Oh my God! I got my Bluetooth set up a few weeks ago, and I finally learned how to use it.

If I can just get katy windows tinted a little bit, I could stay in here all day. But the cell-phone reception is terrible. If I was on a highway or a topless road someplace in the middle of nowhere, I would totally do it. Vanity Fair has a team of lawyers. Honey, any other day of the week, on any other stretch of road, I can be a daredevil.

But not here. There are kids playing on the street! What if I lost control? When I first moved out here, I was driving a Chevy Blazer mixon my parents gave me after college, and I totaled it. The other guy hit me.

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And after that I got a Ford Focus, which was a great car. I drove it for three years and never got into one accident. And yet they still cast you in a movie called Drive Angry?

Topless makes everything seem faster. I got stopped on the Warner Bros. So Katy was hitting on that gas, honey. And this studio security gal got on her motorcycle and she chased me down. When she came over to my car, she was hysterical. You have to slow down!! She let me go. Sometimes you just got to get on the real.

You know what I mean, honey? Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. I am, Eric, I am! I went to the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. Nothing but beer bongs and wet-shirt contests? And Shakespeare? Did you do the role with that Southern lilt in your voice? Thank you, honey. Well thank you, honey. I tried to sneak some of her mixon there. Is she based on anybody you know? It all just comes from my topless. Add pictures. The Quiet. Role reversal Best rides of Maria Bello turns out to be good company Anya Chalotra.

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