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Unsubscribe here sent a gift. So two to three we got we have people responding. People are actually like engaging with this chat bot immediately like this is real-time recording this course in real time. This happened nine seconds, 15 seconds after we sending it out. This is wild stuff. I told you before that when w—in the previous whiteboard, drip campaigns are going to be much more subtle less unsubscribers.

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Yet, even here, life still finds a way: the water is scant but pure, the vegetation stunted but wholesome.

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so this blog really is just gonna be a bunch of memes is it | Tumblr

He just thought it was assumed. Where else would he live: with Sarge? That is why you have received neither a rejection nor a short-listed message…This status means I liked you story and thought it was worthy of publication, but something just not quite work. Some I thought might work better published in some other way.

I have lots of submissions for the anthology, send more than I can use. So it is unlikely twi lek naked I will be using many from this list.

There was not a lot of motion happening on the Internet — or the proto Internet at that point. So to be able to see a moving image seemed shocking. I really never lost that excitement or that enthusiasm for GIFs that I had as a teenager. All these years later, it's still just as exciting to me every time I see somebody sharing a really great GIF. I think, "Man, this is what the Internet was made for. These days, GIFs aren't just for geeks online. They're accessible to everybody. They're gonna simple, they work on your phone, they tap into pop culture feelings, and there's even websites like GIPHY that are almost like a database where you can look up any GIF you want gif the feeling you're trying to express.

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We don't even really know how we get away with using them. Later we're going to hear from T. But first, we gotta ask: how did GIFs become so embedded in Internet culture? I talked to Kenyatta Cheese who you just call an Internet culture enthusiast.

He's the CEO and co-founder of Everybody At Once send, which is an agency that specializes in audience development and social media strategy. But he's gif the co-creator and founder gonna knowyourmeme. Kenyatta and I took a deep dive into the history and culture of GIFs and the copyright rules that basically let us get away with using them everywhere.

AD : Kenyatta Cheese, thank you for joining us on Function. There's so many questions I have for you, but we're going to start with the most important one which is Probably mid to late '90s. The first time, and that's probably the first time I saw the actual format, the first time where I saw it and understood that there was a cultural relevance to it was probably Dancing Baby. Do you remember? All of a sudden we saw this thing that was sent to everybody via broadcast show up send this other medium, on this other screen in a way that we could control the passing along just that thing and that was kind of incredible.

When you asked the question first GIFI think there's probably a few different versions of that, right? AD : Right. There's handjob with cockring format and then there is its use in culture. GIF is a format of an image; it's a way to save an image file on your computer. Some history: it started on CompuServe, an early dial up service that people used to access the proto-Internet in the '80s and later.

Inthe graphics interchange format GIF87 is created, and that's sort of the first version. Leelee sobieski boobs then something interesting happens. They revised the format; they make an update gif the format:, GIF89a. Talk about what that means and what happened there. KC : One of the fascinating things about the evolution of Gonna was we first saw that it started off with a very limited color palette. It was a spec for doing very, very lightweight animations.

With the switch to 89a, you could do a little more. I believe the color palette increased to colors, I think it is?

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Gonna : It's amazing how many colors you can fit in there. It's crazy! At about the same time, we saw the file format biker porn on Netscape browsers. I think it was like probably Navigator 2. KC : All of a sudden, people who were making these very static just, there's a time that some of us remember when the Web was nothing gif text. And being able to add a GIF, being able to add one of these images didn't even have to be animated. The idea that I could actually add a color limited version of some photo I took, scan it, and upload it to my page felt incredible.

AD : So now we have gonna evolution where there's this format, this technical format for storing files there. We're able to do animation. We're able to see this motion happen. The Web seems to be the thing for which it was born, even though it was created send the Web and it takes off. Then, as gonna said it, becomes shorthand for expressing these feelings, these emotions. But it can do lots of interesting things. One of the things we see and sort of you can talk about this with your work, is send parts of a movie, a show, a TV show, an episode of what's going on, and disseminating maybe at least one of the feelings or emotions from it.

How does that happen? KC : Yeah. I think it was people doing, essentially posting recaps of their favorite moments in newsgroups. Newsgroups were this separate space, separate from the Web where we'd all sort of meet and have One way that just would have a discussion is be able to talk about TV shows, maybe you talk about the episode. Being able to post what you thought was the seminal moment from that video in the form of a small looping GIF that just sort of captured that, the one reaction from Buffy, or a swing of an ax or whatever it was, it gave people a point of reference.

AD : Because in this era, especially, this is gif YouTube or anything, that putting up a video was really hard. KC : Oh, it was so hard! In fact, you have to remember, there's a time gif video wasn't standardized and there were so many competing formats that were all very proprietary that it wasn't accessible to everybody.

Whereas if you knew HTML and you had just browser and you had a source of GIFs, you could insert one of these, you could insert one of these animations into your web page or however it is that you're trying to connect to an audience. AD : So it worked everywhere, and at the time the standard for video was downloading RealPlayer send Windows Media Player or QuickTime and wait 20 minutes while something downloads.

Meanwhile, the GIF was just already there, in the browser. KC : Not only was it already there, it didn't require you to have to learn and license a proprietary format for being able to create animated work and disseminate it via the Internet. It's one of the things that I find fascinating about what I see as a sort of battle. It wasn't a real one, but in my head I see a battle between the evolution of GIF and the evolution of Flash, where Flash has the backing of Adobe and you have everybody who maybe once made CD-ROMs because you were a content producer or you were a digital content producer and all of a sudden you're brother sister porn movies to adjust to the Internet.

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And so you have this class of extremely talented, highly skilled people who are essentially the gatekeepers to being able to put out work in this format. AD : Context for people who don't know: in the send and early s, Flash was what they called a plugin. It was something that connected to your web browser and could show initially just animations and illustrations, and later on it could do full video streaming, or it probably helped enable YouTube to exist in the monster cock pornstar place and did gonna lot of those things.

It killed off the old formats of RealPlayer and Windows Media Player, and at the time people thought this would be ascendant. This would be what wins everywhere. And then the just GIF comes along. KC : And it comes along because all gif a sudden these dark corners of the Internet, forums gif newsgroups and GeoCities and Angelfire pages of its time, these were the places where if you had a little bit of knowledge, where you knew how to build a web page and you had space available to you, you were just going to scrap and scrape and find whatever you can in order to make this page feel more alive abd feel more like you.

AD : This format had a lot of interesting traits. It could also do transparency, so you can make like custom shapes.

The early web and the first web browsers came out like or so. You have the early versions that would lead to Netscape coming out in '92, ' Netscape comes out in ' That couple of years there's a huge number of advancements in how you show these images. Can they be transparent? Can they start to animate? And it's almost just for granted as a way of expressing yourself.

You talked about "under construction" being one of the first GIFs that you saw. Tell me about what an under construction GIF was on the early web. KC : I remember my first web page where I had gone and done my first little searches on things like Gopher and another place to find all these sort of interesting, and for me rare, texts AD : And it looks like a little yellow road sign of the person digging, but it can move. KC : Oh, that's good.

I didn't have that one. Mine, I think, was the long bar with that red "under construction" with like KC : Oh, I couldn't find a gonna siren light one, so I did the just sort of yellow and black just color blocks.

AD : Be fat women pussy. Part of the reason that I ask you that, and to get a little bit into your background for folks that don't know you there Talk to me about Know Your Meme and your connection to it. KC : A furry scat animation of years back, I was working at a video blog called Rocketboom where we were just sort of documenting things that were happening in our culture all the time, which meant that we just basically lurked the Internet.

We just gif of sort of watched what was happening and then kind of picked out moments what we thought were interesting. Send of the things that we saw that was really fascinating was that all of a sudden there was all of this Internet culture, memes in particular, image macros, GIFs that were being passed around, that were being taken and send and then put onto things like Adult Swim and shown on television without any attribution.

AD : So they're crossing over from Internet nerd culture into mainstream culture but people didn't really know how or why?

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KC : And people didn't know who had actually made it. These communities had built this amazing culture. They were sort of often a background, while somebody else who figured out how to exploit it had to kind of put it out there.

We decided that we would start a meme database. We decided we would start documenting the spread of memes in order to help tell their story. AD : That seems like something people could think gonna now, but at the point when you're doing this, taking memes seriously enough to be academic about them and catalog them in a database had to seem absurd KC : Oh completely absurdcompletely absurd.

Not a lot of people were taking it seriously even though there were a bunch of serious business being built around send. For us, we realized, "wow, no one's going to take this seriously unless we figure out a way to do that.

Kenyatta Cheese: This report by all means should've been forgettable if it weren't for one man, Bubb Rubb. KC: The whistles, just go woo. You have to understand hyphy.

KC : Back then the APIs, the programming interfaces that allowed us to actually pull gif and actually look at where something spread and how it spread, that stuff used to be free, right?

KC : You could just access it and be able to see, oh, actually it spread here first, and then it seems to have jumped over to this other siteand all of a sudden, all of a sudden this thing that maybe started off in a place like 4chan or Digg or wherever else, shows dildo solo hd on your parents' wall on Facebook.


So mapping that felt very important. I think now we see the ways that all of sudden everything that has been studied around funny cat pictures actually applies to things like civil society. You have this early community and collaborators where you start to document culture, and it's all kinds of gif.

You had static images, you had videos, you had early viral clips pre-YouTube just when you YouTube started to take off. But at heart of this thing is GIFs. Talk to me about the role that GIFs have gonna meme culture. KC : There is this half-way point between a full blown video and a still image macro. Before he tries the jump, he says "Are you guys silly? While he used the phrase "gotta send it" in previous videos referring to landing a jump, the March 1st video led to the phrase going viral.

On March 15th,an image was submitted send use to Meme Generator. On April 3rd, Imgur user YouGuysSilly [4] uploaded several image macros of Enticer with the catch phrase examples shown below. In June, Tosh.


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just gonna send it gif sigle moms need sex nude pics Keep reading. Hey, did I reblog a meme? Do you want to do the meme too? Reblog it. What if I just reblogged five memes in a row and you love all of them? Reblog them. Please reblog anything you want from my blog regardless of whether you send something back.
just gonna send it gif sexy pussy gif Asian schoolgirl pics submitted this contemporary fantasy story to Guardbridge Books for an anthology called Myriad Lands back in October of If I remember correctly, their word limit was 6, and I remember just barely squeezing the story into that amount of words. At the time, I thought it was a pretty clever little piece, then of course, after sending it out, I inevitably hated it. That is why you have received neither a rejection nor a short-listed message…This status means I liked you story and thought it was worthy of publication, but something did not quite work. Some I thought might work better published in some other way. I have lots of submissions for the anthology, many more than I can use.
just gonna send it gif teens naughty nude mirror pics Ah, the humble animated GIF. We use them on social media or in text messages as a way to signify a reaction, tell a story, or just to have a laugh. Some are even making animated GIFs of entire movies! It's not all fun and games though — organizations and media companies are cracking down on animated GIF usage, with some going as far as issuing copyright notices against animated GIF creators. Are animated GIF creators protected under fair use, or are these organizations not being fair?
just gonna send it gif porn on ship You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. I'm Still Gonna Send It refers to a viral video tsunade hentai which amateur stuntman Larry Enticer exclaims that he's going to attempt to land a jump on a snowmobile with the phrase "Are you guys silly? I'm still gonna send it! On March 1st,Larry Enticer, an amateur stuntman who regularly attempts stunts on motor vehicles, [1] uploaded a video to his Facebook [6] page of him attempting to land a jump on a snowmobile. Before he tries the jump, he says "Are you guys silly?
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