I had sex with my maid

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Is this sexual abuse? Whats your dirtiest confession? Girls, Do you like this position? Sort Girls First Guys First. Simply tell her that it was an honest mistake and a one time thing and she shouldn't cross the line now onwards.

She should focus on work rather than sex. Do let me know if there's vacancy for maid in near future. Xper 4. It is very easy to eat them. And they like dirty sex also. If any maid is ready or allow you thn dont think twice and push her.

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Fuck her as much as possible. Talk with ger if she is ready thn enjoy her with ur frnds. As long as it doesn't interfere with her job it's mutually beneficial so you're fine. People quit getting so butthurt over race, seriously it pisses me off.

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One of my best friends is Mexican and he's one of the greatest people I know. If she's black mailing you for money or other things then ask your parents to fire her but don't reveal your secrets to your parents, give them some other excuses.

If she's blackmailing you to have sex with her then just use condoms. Disagree Recommended Disagree 5.

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Browse Questions By Category. Anal sex Body hair Contraception Erectile dysfunction First-time sex Foreplay Homosexuality How to get pregnant Anita is a dark-compelxioned beauty. At just 22years all her feminine features her fully firm boobs ,sexy hot bodyand a big ass to match. She likes wearing skimpy clothes especially when she was working.

Luckily for me my parents travelled for a burial ceremony leaving just me,anita and our short gateman ,sule i quickly ran to thebathroom to shower,styled my hair ,all the wondering where anita might be. It was about to start shaving when suddenly i heard a knock on the bathroom door. I was about to answer when suddenly the door opened ,and she was anita.

She jumped over me like mad and we were on bed.

My maid performed oral sex on me. Although I do not wish to con – Ahmedabad Mirror

Soon we were naked and we tried every thing possible with each other. She wasn't virgin. Thereafter we did sex whenever we got time. I remain there for about 8 months more and then I left the city.

I never contacted with them again. Years after that I adult sex stories little guilty for all that happened during that period. I have never cooked for myself in my entire life because I never needed to. I grew up with a rich family with servants had maids, they did maid for me. I am now 40 years old and I will probably never take care of myself because I don't need to. I confess I am lazy and love my lazy lifestyle. Not long after my full time job came to an end as well.

We struggled to sex ends meet and I did various lanasfantasies com time jobs. For a while I worked behind the bar in a private club. Laila, one of the other bar maids told me that the tips where much better if I wore sexy clothes.

I told my husband, and after a while he said, 'OK, if you want to, why not' I bought a short flared skirt, and also a thin cotton top, which, after summing up some courage, I wore without a bra, self conscious that my areola and nipples were visible. The tips went up, and I decided it was worth it. Then one night I got invited to stay behind. The other bar maid told me that it was some wealthy business men who came to town about every 6 weeks and were into partying. Laila told me the tips were fantastic, but warned me that we wouldn't be behind the bar, but serving them in the lounge, and if I was to stay I had to understand that after a few drinks their hands would wander, and they wouldn't expect complaints.

Well at first little happened, lots of compliments, but then after more drinks a few lewd remarks and the odd pat on the bum. They commented a few times about my wedding ring, asking how long had I been married, and that my husband must be a lucky guy to have such a hot wife. They insisted we drink as well mojitos, and after a while I was feeling the effects. I remember standing next to a one of the business men placing the drinks and his hand sliding up my skirt, maid sexteen ebony Laila over too.

He then said 'don't leave' and I stood there blushing as he described to his friends what he sex doing, which was stroking me under my skirt between my legs and over my knickers, and he was saying my knicks were damp, which by then was true.

Then they let us go, and I said to Laila that I should stay behind the bar. She laughed quietly and whispered to me that I was going to get laid whether I liked it or not, so might as well enjoy it. I thoughts she was teasing, but she wasn't. We had more drinks, and then I was pulled on to one with their laps, and he kissed me, and put his hands between my legs. They did ask me if I wanted to stay, but only after he had been fingering me and by that time I said yes.

I didn't get back to our flat until 5 in the morning, messy and sore, but with about the equivalent of 3 months wages as tips. I didn't tell my husband, and quit the job a few days later also partly because the boss had told me I was 'one of them now' and to over charge customers after the first couple of rounds.

I suggested we go up to my room and she followed me. We had the most amazing sex. She was a great lover but seemed had afterwards and got dressed in a hurry.

I know what I did was wrong. I really do want to change as I hate the way I am behaving. The last one was a sweet girl on my team who is always getting everyone coffees and things like that. I know she is going to be upset so everyone will hate me for using her. To me it feels like a drug problem. At least you have realised you have a problem and want to change.


i had sex with my maid gay anal orgy Ask Your Question today. Hi, my names Marcus and im 17 years old. We are quite rich and we have a sexy mexican house maid. Shes quite small around 5,7 im around 6,1 So ever since we hired her, I can tell she has the hots for me but im not sure if it means she wants to go further. So anyways, she keeps sending me signs like flashing me and teasing me, etc Once when my parents were out we started to kiss and makeout. It was really good and I could tell she was into it.
i had sex with my maid dad and son shower OUR housemaid anita is so sex and sweet. And i couldn't stop staring at her especially when she wascooking. Anita is a dark-compelxioned beauty. At just 22years all her feminine features her fully firm boobs ,sexy hot bodyand a big ass to match. She likes wearing skimpy clothes especially when she was working.
i had sex with my maid chrissy teigen red carpet nude Got a problem? Write to Deidre here. Every problem gets a personal reply, usually within 24 hours weekdays. You can also private message on the DearDeidreOfficial Facebook page. She is 42 but really hot. Mum had already gone to work when she arrived for the day but I had a day off.
i had sex with my maid nude woman magician video She was petite and pleasant-looking, with tanned skin and long, dark hair. She was in her 30s then, and had left her husband and daughter in her village back home to work in Singapore. Jean had asked to stay after her contract was over, and my husband and I decided to hire her, to help her out, as she didn't want to return home. We gave her the freedom to use her mobile phone whenever she needed to and even let her access the Internet on our computer. Jean was left on her own for most of the day but my husband and I never questioned what she got up to.