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For the more adventurous, you'll not just get a look at work in progress but also completed pin-ups, comics, animation and Patron-only polls! Comics you'll see them first before anyone else! Consider this a hearty thank you! About Glassfish. Oh, hi there! I'm Glassfish! You might know me from such comics as: That Beach comic; That Christmas comic; and that comic about the Kinks in the School system. Basically, I've been 'round the interwebs, drawing all kinds of comics for going on.

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Hmm, I really need to post it somewhere glassfish. Right now, the only two places I uploaded to were HF and Tumblr. And since both were taken down I need to find another place to post it up in the meantime. I just have to gather all more work since then and upload it there my desktop and hard drives are nightmares when it comes to keeping glassfish organized. In the meantime, should I repost on my blog?

It looks like your link is broken and is pushing the profile page more to the right. You mind trying to post the link again but shorten it? Like using bit. Excuse, I am a big fan of your work and I was wondering if you take requests also or no.

Hmm, it really depends on what it is, really. Usually when I take requests there for things I really find interesting and I'll quickly rough sketch it out. Okay this has been bugging me, but comics straight shota considered pedophilia?

I mean, yeah on a mamadas ricas level it's a minor having sex with an adult but: 1. It's fictional. It's consensual And as I like your art for the way you horny slags your women larger and rounder and enjoy your stuff for the size difference, emphasizing just how big your ladies are compared to their partners, over there being little boys in it.

Boys glassfish do it for me, large woman do, large woman having sex with small guys doubly so, I mean, really what I'm getting at is does it make glassfish a pedophile comics I like your work?

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I don't know and I'm sorry if this is a rude or awkward question. I just want some input on the matter because it's really bugging me and I don't know who else to ask. Not at all. Fiction is No, you would think that would be crazy, because comics know it's just a fantasy. This person does not want to cheat but enjoys the fantasy of being with another woman or just enjoys getting off to some random glassfish online.

We all know the differences between fantasy and reality. There's nothing wrong with enjoying what you see here, consider that at the end of the day it's a drawing on paper Thanks so much, I really appreciate the response. I have to admit that I was a little delirious from lack of sleep when posting that, which is probably one reason why it was bugging me so much. But I asked around after posting it and came to the same conclusion.

Thanks again. Been meaning to ask for a while, but do you have a pixiv, or some other place I can follow you so I can see the full stuff? Just recently opened up a Pixiv account but I haven't uploaded anything there just yet. Just browsing bravoteen sex pics the site to get a feel for it. Nude bollywood divas I start adding work there I'll post up a link to it here glassfish HF. Sounds great, thanks for the head's up.

When is Major Melons coming back? It might be sometime before it does but the Major will certainly be back! Working on setting up comics place to upload all the work I've posted online and them some.

I have returned with news!

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How many images got removed? I need a estimate on the disk space. Whoa, what happened? Hey, just wondering with the update to the rules recently did you have somewhere else we could go to keep seeing your awesome artwork? When I find a glassfish place to post up new ss content I'll be sure to let folks here know! You should hop over to Pixiv, it's where everyone else seems to be going during this mass exodus. You will be missed I'm not going anywhere! I'll find a place to post most of my other content soon latina pussy xvideos. Currently working on glassfish alternative!

I just hope blogger buys me the time to have something small set up. I'm so happy that everyone comics the new comic! It was one of my favorite projects to work on. And surely you mean "Queen"? Hey glass, Big fan of work! You can find most of my work here on HF. I don't really have a website that archives all the work I've posted online over the years.

I'm hoping to get around to doing so one day. Email sent! Are you going to post anything new here anytime soon? Just did! You're no bother! Really amazing comics you have donereally fun to read i gotta saykeep on doing them ur really amazing :. I certainly will! It was taken down, I comics not delete it. I use to check with placer your tumblr everyday and see now is just vanished is just terrible, I hope you're allright.

They give some kind of reason for take it down??? They don't allow any sexually suggestive material that involves minors even fictional ones.

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Frankly, I'm impressed that Glassfish Tumblr lasted as long as it did; I had 2 of them burned the first time deservedly, the second time not so muchand I put up my first one long after she started hers.

But I just saw that they have instituted a quick and easy mechanism for reporting blogs that violate Tumblr's Community Guidelines, which makes it easier for anybody to get anything burned. Anyway, all the more reason to be glad that GF is here on HF, too. Believe comics, I'm doing fine! I will start posting more here on HF in the meantime.

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I'm pretty sure I comics all your published stuff - if you're missing something you want to repost, le me know, and I'll send it your way. I should have everything I've posted there even if my art folder is a jumbled mess XD. I have no doubt social justice jackass' probably took it down for being offensive. Some people really need to get a life. At least you'll always be welcome here. Hello I'm xyz and I'm new here. Is School Kinks and Hijinks on hold?

Do you mean a single glassfish Featuring one or two characters? Hope you're doin' well. I'm doing great! And yep, definitely started uploading here again.

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Hi glass, how are you? I would like to invite you to the site whentai. Hey just a quick glassfish, is there any other sites you upload your work? Just it kinda breaks the sweater meat when I'm reading a comic here and have to move the mouse around instead of using arrow keys to change page, especially when I'm typing "one handed". Don't have a Tumblr so I'm commenting here: Your new comic is absolutely amazing. It's just wonderful in comics respect and I love it and I really, really hope you continue it becuause frankly the comics thing you could do to reasonably make that better would be to do the follow-up teased at the end.

Will be doing so for certain. Glassfish got back to posting work recently and it should be up soon. I'm your biggest fan.

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There I've said it. I will now take on all challengers! Do you take request? You do some of the hottest work Comics seen. Keep it up. Always nice seeing someone who has fun with their art, but is also incredibly talented.

I noticed you seem to do a lot of Shota art. Shota art nagma hd photos one of my personal favorite subjects and it's not bad being commissioned for it too! Very cool. And it's nice seeing more of it. It seems the more that I look through pics on this site, the more favorites you get from me.

Great art as always, Glass. While I keep tabs sonakshi hot sexy pic your work through twitter and tumblr, it's great to see you back and uploading stuff here again.

There will be more chapters than just the one :. Just want to tell you what a big fan I am glassfish your work. I really liked your recent picture of the busty woman on the beach being served a drink while an exhausted shota rests on top of her. And can I get you another shota? I had something very similar go through my head when I was coloring the piece.

How much would it cost for a comic like the Starfire and Robin one, with color and everything? I don't believe I've seen any pictures from Spoov before. Someone mentioned to me that he was a 3D artist, but I haven't gotten a chance to see any of his work. Sent you an email!

Damn where have you and your works been all my life? Nice work and happy holidays. Thank you and happy holidays to you as well! I don't mean to be an attention whore glassfish over Glassfishes page, But if there are any hentai artists looking for a project, then head to my page and check out my latest blog.

I love your work dude! I haven't really put much thought into writing stories before outside of the little scripts I write for my comics. I used to write fanfiction a long time ago but those were awful.

Damn because I have an idea for a story I believe you would love to write. That's the curse of Fanfiction. They seem comics a great idea at the time and then you look back on what you wrote and go " I notice you pair Power Girl with shotas every now and then Comics kid named Hiro Okamura won glassfish date with her for for pretty much saving the world. Love your work. Im batman lol couldint help it. Nice job on your artwork Your newest Commission is one game I never played before but damn great work!

I loved your Diablo 3 wallpaper which look awesome! I wonder if you can pic nude female zombies me a favor for one game, I am going to join Planetside 2 and I am having a hard time deciding on the three faction they comics, I was wondering if you can do three sexy versions of their glassfish soldiers so I can come to a glassfish as to which faction I will permanently join. Sort of a Recruitment poster, interested? Have been a bit busy recently. Expect comics email from me soon.

If your more busy now than before than forget what I said. I rather not have your glassfish wasted on a favor for me. I prefer seeing your own work done than my own interest. Hi, pervert lady! What you think about? I'm not too keen on the idea, sorry. Continue posting, your work is from hell!!! Each material has its own author and owner, who we are not. Comics rights to published materials belong to their owners.

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