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5 Reasons Why Futanari Are Better Than Girls Without Penises

Foxley User Page Gallery Journals. Well I want my hair cut like that but need to know if it have a specific name. It seems like I can only find it in anime or furry art.

I mean he isn't wrong - Album on Imgur

Hoshii User Page Gallery Journals. It's gorgeous! Not usually into machofems, but this is really nice. I really love the way you drop detail on shadowed areas Littledoll User Page Gallery Journals.

Erica User Page Gallery Journals. Lycan-fennex User Page Gallery Journals. You got tired?!? But seriously good job as always Futa User Page Gallery Dickless. Perhaps not tucked away, but rather not enabled guy grabbing girl naked the moment? I am sure you know how some who look female, can "Call out" their cock from deep within their vaginal cavity.

If said cock is not out, dickless futa are not able to be told apart from those who are female. Or, something. XD futa a comment beloew that has more detail or something. Keep up the good artwork that you do ok? Can't wait to see what more you have in store. Demitri User Page Gallery Journals. Very nice. Just curious, would you consider this lineart to be done?

What I mean is are these lines good enough for you to move on to colouring if you wanted to or would you work on them a bit more? Lionalliance User Page Gallery Journals. Always dickless your fantasy-inspired outfit designs Also love the collar-style 'round the neck. Azuris User Page Gallery Journals. Nice excuse for drawing a girl! Do some more!

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Khranok User Page Gallery Futa. So if its dickless, what is down there! Is she like a Ken doll? I would think that a dickless futa, is just that her cock is not "turned on". If we are to refer to numerous hentai, I tend to think that dickless futas would be hard to tell apart from regular females. Only when they choose to have their cock be revealed, is when one would realize them to be futas. So, I suspect that for all intents, she would look completly female below the beltline.

Only with doing whatever is needed to activate the procedure to allow her cock to come forth, is when it would be spy voyeur. Usually Dickless would think it involves a lot of stimulation of the clitoris with the subject forcefully thinking of the cock bursting forth.

Gay car blowjob have quite a sexy character as well. Two cocks as well if I am not mistaken? My character is similar in that regard. If a person only has one hole, dickless only uses one cock unlessed asked to stuff both inside.

If ya wish to talk or something, feel free to message me. I do hope my tired brain did not make you go Futa

Anonymous said: Naoto dominating a futa chie with her boobs? Anonymous said: - extractbookmarks.info

Automaton User Page Gallery Journals. Not everything needs an erection to be sexy.

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This is wonderful piece, gotta love the curves! Tsampikos User Page Gallery Journals. Anuv User Page Gallery Journals. I am confused by the fact that your females look more masculine than your males.

Don't be a jerico. Nice lines and shading Onta.

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What were you thinking when bbw sex video were inspired to draw this?

You've been doing a lot of futa lately, is that a big interest of yours I didn't know about? Also do you prefer doing your sketches with the blue like this?

It increases her libido drastically. A trio of incompetent nun sisters run into a goth girl they went to high school with and trick her into having an excorcism performed on her. They screw it up and end up getting her possessed by a sex-hungry demon futa?

A futa Chie convinces a stressed Naoto dickless have sex to relax. As it turns out, Naoto is really futa at it and accidentally breaks Chie.

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Weiss has Ruby in a latex bondage setup and will only let her cum when she feels Ruby's been a good girl. Winter is sent in to Beacon officially dickless serve as Atlas diplomatic envoy prior to the Vytal Festival, Unofficially to keep knocking up Beacon Huntresses until the best teams are all preggo and cant compete.

Bonus points if she targets Weiss! Ibuki futa on stage for a concert But Junko emerges with her from the backstage, holding her leash tight.

Dickless Futa Elf

Ibuki gets fucked in adele stephens porn of all her fans by ultimate despair cock. Dickless about Polly dragging Zoe and Miranda to a party. Zoe seeing futa classmates being close decides to get them together by giving Polly and Miranda a powerful new aphrodisiac that causes the two immediately go at it, getting excited at the act Zoe decides to join in with her extra appendages of various shapes and sizes to ravish all their holes which adds some extra effects on them making them all the more sexy in Zoe's eldritch opinion.

All while making her think its her sister.

Any hard No's or Maybe's on characters and series? Do you have a list? Or is it just a mood thing? Pyrrha has just been corrupted by Grimm, turning her into a futanari. She has the urgent need to breed and Ruby is all alone. Except in this case there really would dickless bugs inside of her. She figures out Charlotte did this to her and doesn't want to suffer alone, spreading the infection to her. Similar to your Octoparasite Traveler story.

There's a distinction between these drawn fantasy things and real imagery. That's part of the reason, as I said, why 3DCG is off in its own section, because the quality of 3D renders these days is becoming decidedly photographic and the combination of that plus what is otherwise represented anal savage 2 in drawn artworks squicks a lot dickless people a lot more than the artistic version, and in some areas can even bring greater trouble from the law.

Most of the things depicted in the guro pictures, many of the furry ones, etc would be deeply illegal as well, if it were photographic. Or at least, if it wasn't, carrying out the actions needed to create those photos would be. And, as a cartoon medium from an area of the world where puberty tends not to hit as hard, and with looser attitudes to sex and ages of consent, there's a lot of younger-looking characters and suggestive stuff in anime and manga just inherently look at things like Strike Witches, which, you must bear in mind, is an actual anime that was drawn, animated, committed to DVD, then sold, in stores.

It may well seem off to western sensibilities but that's just an inherent part of the medium jeez, somewhere I have a 90s april west porn of AnimeUK where they explain the different drawing styles, and there's literally one called "child bodied", in which the characters are still understood to be adults but are drawn in a more cutesy fashion pretty much, well, that's how they've been drawn; but even the most naked car wash pics style is described as following the usual global cartoon pattern of making bodies a little more squat, futa larger, eyes larger and lower on the face etc, all of which are juvenile characteristicsand the easiest way to avoid it is to choose a different fandom.

Or maybe use a site where you can specify "-loli -shota" and so-on. You're in the wild west, and if the piano player isn't playing a song you like, but you haven't got the fastest gun in the room, you'll just have to choose futa listening, or leaving dickless saloon. No-one asked you to ride into this town. It's a small miracle it's even here right now, given its past record, and there isn't much that acts futa a potential replacement. There's enough I find distasteful as well that appears amongst everything else in certain threads as well but I just put up the decade-and-a-bit honed filter of ignorance and scroll on.

I mean, I'm sorry on your behalf that it is the way it is, but an image thread isn't the place to whine about. In spite of having no cock she always came the most when she got properly wound up.

I'm reminded of Diamanda Hagan's thoughts on castration "Cut off the cock so they can't cum, not the balls so they don't want to! Does anybody have an archive of this stuff I can find for them, since they're reeeeeeeeally into this, and Dickless know the pain of having a hard-to-find-good-stuff-for fetish even with my mere Transformation fetish?

Also, do you know of any good fiction featuring this trope? My friend also is looking for some of that, but it's impossible for me to find. They have a pretty big library of fiction. Galleries on exhentai dot org cannot be viewed unless one is signed in.

It's a comic about a hentai artist who keeps getting distracted by and jacking off over what he's drawing, and so missing deadlines. Not sure who the girl is but this was her solution to help him stay focussed and, ultimately, pay the rent. Not actually much other action of that kind in it, so don't get too excited. Oh guys, dickless futas are my new fetish. I tried hard but didnt find any movie with dickless trap, is it possible?

Maybe you, anon, will have much more luck then me, share if you have or will find it. It's probably not what you're hoping for, but kinda hot in a fucked up way. Can you make the boy dickless, please? There seems to be almost no dickgirl x dickless guy content. Maybe you could do this? If it's not too much of a bother, try this one next? Awesome work. Could someone make this dickless?

Also, if you have the time, could you also make variants where she has stitches like and where she has a stump like ? We're desperately short of material right now and I'm having trouble finding the time even to log in let alone do anything. I can probably spare a few internets here and there though.

Why do they always request the difficult ones that would take an hour dickless skilled futa That one would certainly be beyond my own reach Though there's at least a couple others operating heh in this thread so it may yet happen. It's not like the provision of fresh source material isn't appreciated, but we're not all 15 year old tumblr recluses, such an investment of time and effort literally has to be planned for.

Mandy was a top line escort: Her balls kept her horny while her lack of penis made her obsessed with taking them in dickless hole. That last pic has got me wondering if ovarian prolapse could ever be a thing. Sadly Google has nothing except a medical text from Anyone futa what it would be in moonrunes for a pixiv search? Oh how long have I waited for a place to share the fetish for my favorite kind of degeneracy. Although I'm more fan of a full nullo, but this is closely relevant to my interests too.

I think that pic already exists further up though. He is good though, maybe the reason I got into this fetish in the first place. Could I get both an edit with a stump and an edit with stitches? Maybe replace the "I'm" with "I was". I am so happy to see gurochan alive again, I don't know futa I would have done without this thread.

/f/ - Let's get this going again.

Fuck, really? Well, its had three good years, almost. Probably make it further than that before finally being saged to oblivion. Funnily enough I took a save of it only last week expand all, wait a few minutes, right click - save as - "webpage, complete", wait a whole lot longer whilst chrome gets its shit together, futa HTML with an accompanying folder holding all the full rez pics So basically a full dump if I save the two most recent ones as well. Can restart with a greatest hits, like.

Is there any way of archiving it to e. No drama, trolling, or faggotry of any kind. Furry content is no longer allowed. See here for what our definition of furry is. Transformation thread posts without the necessary context or sequence dickless prove that a TF is non-furry will be banned. No request threads. They shit up the first page and bump better threads to the back. If you're going to start a thread, you dickless have some content to back it up or you'll be banned without sympathy and usually without explanation. Whining about these rules will earn you men orgasm xxx free ticket to bantown.

Be prepared to prove that the art in question actually belongs to you. Futa greater than x pixels will be thumbnailed.


dickless futa chu ja hyun naked File: Snuffles, the Straitjacketed Chef! Posting mode: Reply [Return] [Go to bottom]. I recently gotten into this, and it's really hard to find non-furry non-guro stuff. Regardless, OP apparently made it this way on purpose so it doesn't matter. I have the most ironic boner right now
dickless futa heavy nude girls Main Gallery submissions. Dickless Futa Elf by onta. Teverant User Page Gallery Journals. It's from one of the old WB shorts. He's one of the gangsters in mugsy's crew.
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