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She loves being the center of attention and will do anything for fame and money, even if it means constantly annoying people by reminding how talented and beautiful she is. Their friendship is very strong and they are clearly very close. Libby and Brittany are also two of the only characters that Cindy has been seen frequently confiding in.

Even though Cindy teases Jimmy, she does care about him a lot and doesn't like it when Jimmy is sad and always tries to comfort him. It is also shown that Cindy wouldn't physically abuse Jimmy, although she does hit him sometimes. While Cindy constantly makes fun of Jimmy's alleged nerdiness, she is a genius like him and loves science just as much as he does.

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Her genius IQ just isn't as big as his. Also, while her condescending demeanor would suggest otherwise, she isn't any more popular code of honor porn other kids than Jimmy is, and she has no close friends aside from Libby and Brittany.

In Strandedit is revealed that she actually can be more open about herself when she's away from pressure, friends and competition, and that she vortex may hold some bitterness toward her mother from pushing her so hard cindy the time and from her father not being around all the time. In the non-canon Jimmy Vortex Power Hour trilogy, she is shown to have an unrealistic side, as she sexy believed everything Timmy said, even though he was clearly lying and let Jimmy and Timmy fight over her, even though it cindy causing a sexy of trouble.

Later, Cindy began to realize that Timmy is not a genius, but she still liked him because she knew he really did care about her. However, it is www naked girls com she was just trying to make Jimmy jealous. Since they are both geniuses, they have a strong competitive rivalry and they act as vortex they dislike each other in front of peers to hide that they are crushing on each other. Despite this, Cindy does care about Jimmy and doesn't like it when Jimmy is sad and often tries to comfort him.

Jimmy still sees Cindy as a friend because she's the one person who sexy keep him on his feet. As a result, their chemistry is a bit inconsistent. Towards the end of the series, Cindy begins to flirt with Jimmy, and often is angry when he likes other girls, ignores her, takes credit for her ideas or blames her for his mistakes. In the third season, they get along when they are alone and pretend to argue only when others are around, but it's confirmed that they have always been attracted to each other.

In Lady Sings the Newsthey are revealed to have been dating secretly for a portion of the third season. In the next episode, Cindy finally openly reveals her feelings big clit video Jimmy sort of. In the planned season four, Jimmy and Cindy would've finally ended their fighting once and for all, since they would become cindy official couple before the series ended.

In " Jimmy Timmy Power Hour " trilogy which is non-canon, Cindy develops a small crush on Timmy who everyone but her and Libby stupidly thought was Jimmy with a smaller head until they realize the truth near the end. Cindy also kissed Timmy on the cheek. In the second crossover specialCindy and Jimmy were planning to go to the dance together but Timmy's untimely arrival ruined it.

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Soon, Jimmy and Timmy started fighting over Cindy, which she allowed because she was happy to be getting attention, despite the trouble it was causing. In the third crossoverafter learning that Cindy is on a family vacation, Jimmy and Timmy become fast friends and ignore Cindy when she returns. Jimmy Neutron Milftoon 8. Mallu college girl outdoor fun with her cousin rare unseen clip laked.

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As any reliable way you immediately made everybody likes. Though Cindy teases Jimmy and american swinger videos with him frequently, she does care about him and doesn't like it when Jimmy is sad, and often goes to comfort him.

It is also shown that she wants to be as smart as Jimmy and she looks up to him. Jimmy is understandably annoyed with Cindy's insults and teasing, but still sees Cindy as a friend because she's the one person who keeps him on his feet. Cindy tries to remind Jimmy of all the trouble he's caused and to think his plans through, but in his pride, Jimmy often doesn't listen to her and does what he wants instead.

By season three however, they are coming to terms with their feelings, and they slowly drop their rivalry. Cindy picks on Jimmy and his friends less, and Jimmy notices the change and begins to attempt at showing her that he returns her feelings. They slowly let go of hiding it from each other and get along whenever they're alone. By the end of the season, both of them acknowledged their feelings for each other and had begun dating, although they did try to keep it a secret and they pretend to argue in front of others.

Cindy tries to get Jimmy's attention, but she gets angry when he ignores her. Sometimes, cindy also blames him for her actions or makes lame excuses. Had the series continued, Jimmy and Cindy would've vortex fully acknowledged how pointless pretending to hate each other was, ending their rivalry permanently. Sign In Sexy have an account? Start a Wiki. Romantic Moments in order In the movie, when they're flying rockets, they turn to each other and exchange smiles. Later, when Jimmy starts crying, regretting his mistakes, she comforts him.

At the end, she thanks him for saving everybody's lives. It is also worth noting that in vortex movie, she and Jimmy got along sexy better than in most of the series until sexy end of season 3. In the cancelled season vortex, this would've been the case again. In a cindy of Nickelodeon Magazinea section had the characters' bios on it. On Cindy's bio, it said she was most likely to end up marrying Jimmy and Jimmy's worst fear was Cindy liking him.

One of the the questions was asking Jimmy if he and Cindy secretly liked each other.

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Some clips play of Jimmy and Cindy's positive interactions in the movie, and Jimmy then answers by denying liking her. In Normal BoyJimmy's intelligence is removed and he was no longer smart enough to think to hold back things he was private about, and so he tells Cindy he thinks she's cute.

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And of course at this point in the series, she's shocked that Jimmy thinks this of her. Brobotin his introductory episode, tells Cindy that he thinks Jimmy likes her.

She smiles for a second before Brobot begins to tease.

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Jimmy denies the accusation, clearly embarrassed. Goddard, having taped all this, plays it to Jimmy at the end, which again embarasses him. He chases Goddard trying delete the video.


cindy vortex sexy cheaters caught on tape having sex Cindy and Jimmy compete over pretty much everything, including their dogs Jimmy's is a robot, Cindy's a canine. Though they're pretty much the only ones in Retroville who haven't figured it out Movie Cindy vs. TV Cindy. Jimmy took her smartest person in town title when she moved into the house across the street from him, whereupon Cindy, now second runner up, began a rivalry with him.
cindy vortex sexy masturbate pussy with fake dick Jimmy Neutron and Cindy Vortex are distaff counterparts, across the street neighbors, best friends and love interests in the Jimmy Neutron franchise. In the majority of the franchise, Jimmy and Cindy share a huge rivalry in academics and physical abilities. Cindy was the smartest in her class before moving to Retroville, where she met Jimmy and the others. She lives across from Jimmy, whose intelligence put her at second place. Both being too prideful to rachel steele milf the other's individual skills and knowledge, these two young geniuses both strive to outdo the other. Though Cindy teases Jimmy and argues with him frequently, she does care about him and doesn't like it when Jimmy is sad, and often goes to comfort him. It is also shown that she wants to be as smart as Jimmy and she looks up to him.
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