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With Peter holding on to copies of the photos, she implied that he had leaked them to the public. I want to sue her [Angelina Zhang] for double crossing us. Several months before ending her management contract, she accepted some side jobs. I have all the evidence that she had changed the corporate email to her own. We will sue her for breaching the contract. Angelina denied that she had released the photos to generate publicity for herself.

Mark said that the photo leakage will be investigated by the police and followed up by their lawyer. I always wonder.

Wise of the Day: Another HK sex scandal- Angelina Zhang nude photo leak online

Is she viann zhang? Zhang, they all look the same and probably angelina went to the same PS surgeon just like those actresses from South Korea. The truth is yet to be known, but rest assure that she is no prostitute because prostitute gets cash upfront zhang their trade. Ok my rant is over. I have angelina education and know English; why would I be a prostitute?

Well that is amongst the dumbest thing on the forums in a while, and I do see some scandal. There are young women in Vancouver where I live, from all cultures, driving around Mercedes, Bentleys, maseratiesand living in million dollar homes.

They are college educated and have degrees. However, their jobs cannot make tem so rich so fast. They do the wild thing with rich men to live like the Joneses. It is called high end prostitution. I am not here to judge anyone, but Angelina is not in a position to judge or belittle prostitutes either.

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Angelina Zhang makes police report over exposure of nude photos | Asianpopnews

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Home News Members Activity Comments. Yesterday, Angelina made the police report under the accompaniment of her husband, Mark Wu. My manager asked me not to reveal and I did not know if this was right or wrong. An emotional Angelina spoke about the exposure of her nude photos.

Uncensored Nude Photos of Angelina Zhang Emerge

Time will tell who is good or bad. I am open and aboveboard. I want to seek justice for myself. The photo series was taken 4 years ago in and taken by a photographer for artistic purposes. According to Angelina only her former manager and the photographer had the photos, but she thinks the photographer probably didn't keep those photos. Given that she and her former management company had problems she has only made K for the company instead of the millions she claimed she has implied tht her former managers were behind the leak.

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Angelina's former management company was quick to deny the allegations. Angelina Zhang later broke the silence and filed a report to the police after her pictures surfaced online. She described the people who spread her naked pawnbangers as 'worse than wild animals' and she also swore that no man was involved in taking her nude photos.

Uncensored Nude Photos of Angelina Zhang Emerge |

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angelina zhang scandal young black teen sucking dick Life, trends, travel, holiday in South East Asia particularly Singapore. Post a Comment. Welcome to Asia Singapore site. Tuesday, August 6, Angelina Zhang leaked nude photos. Now, 17 nude photos of Angelina Zhang, obviously taken before she has "enhanced" her look are circulating online and went viral in Chinese speaking work.
angelina zhang scandal 42 year old woman nude By jayne on July 31, in Hot Gossip! The photos were unpixelated and featured Angelina sprawled in bed and taking a shower, revealing her nether regions. Although the photos were obviously taken prior to her cosmetic enhancements, her trademark tattoo on her lower waist was apparent and helped identify her as the naked woman in the pictures. Ending her disputed management contract with AEG, Angelina suspects that her former manager, Peter, may have leaked her nude photos to the public. Do the photos only feature myself? With the photos featuring Angelina in a bedroom setting, was she concerned that others may interpret the photos as taken under an unethical sexual encounter?
angelina zhang scandal samurai jack ashi r34 Known for her busty figure, the Chinese actress has suggestive poses on bed and in shower which reveals her private region in those photos. The photos were taken before her cosmetic enhancements as her face and figure were significantly different from what she looks now. It is her tattoo on her waist that identifies her as the woman in those erotic photos. That was taken in by a renowned Hong Kong photographer friend. I have nothing to hide.