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If there is a God, he has a lot to answer for. I think I can do it as good or even better.

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They want that thing, fine. He was the subject of a late s interview and cover photo for Esquire magazine.

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Despite being raised Presbyterian, Virginia was an atheist for most of Robert's childhood. But they're a lot of work. It's the most exciting city in the world now. If you don't ask for an updated one you will surely get one of the older ones.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately because of our government's hostility towards art. For their own divisive political purposes, the [Donald J.

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I can go out, at leisure, meet people for lunch or take my kids to the park. The ribbon was in rememberance of several African-American children who were victims of a serial killer in Atlanta, Georgia in It's not good to start that stuff up, but at the same time, sometimes when people are bullies like that, that's what you have to do to shut them up.

Known for method acting techniques with his characters by heavily studying their backgrounds. Part IIa role previously played by Marlon Brando. Although he is sometimes referred to as an Italian-American actor, De Niro is actually one quarter Italian in ancestry.

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I don't think I am glamorous enough for Hollywood. I know movies are an illusion, and maybe the first rule is to fake it, but not for me. He's debased the presidency.

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When he was a child, he was an avid reader of playwrights. Colin Powell said it best, he's a national disaster. The few times I've directed, if someone comes up with something you missed, you're glad to hear that.

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It's the middle of the night. Read the book Raging Bull while filming The Godfather: In like that you can create something and do it over and then put it together like a big puzzle.

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Goodfellas and Awakenings were released in the same year, He and Marlon Brando are the only two actors to receive an Academy Award for playing the same character. What happens is, you see each other 10 or 15 years later, and it is as if the time has not passed.

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I am talking about my own country, the United States of America. You'd like to think movies have some good intentions with violence, if you will, that there's a reason for it, that it's not gratuitous, but that doesn't always happen.

It's just important to watch that, to see how they deal with the truth, and how the truth is distorted, and to see how they're just trying to keep things in balance.

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Of course, I want to punch him in the face. You've got to look at the whole studio structure.

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Nobody has moved me from my seat yet.