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It allows the game to have three seconds before playing the scene.

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Please, share your feedback on the minigames! Now such effects are much more powerful and handy in battle. Patrons have early access to all released content, plus they have a number of unique rewards which will never go public.

Animation changes There two new animated scenes: Features The first of teleportation crystals sits between the Townsville and the port area.

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You can get it here. Interface changes Now you can switch difficulty, PoV or cache options anywhere you want via the main options menu.

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They will stay the same for easy difficulty but I will bring the fight back for challenge-hungry players with the updated normal setting in 0. More on this in the upcoming development plans.

Also, we implemented the quest journal system, so no more memorizing who ordered what from you.

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Producing an animated scene for the first time proved to be a rather difficult task and I need to optimize internal processes a lot. All your support will be focused on commissions for high-quality art, music and other features.

Remember that your actions matter and some of them will be mutually exclusive. Plus, I think it will allow bypass cashing stage for animations so they would play without any preparation.

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Hitting escape there will close the journal. You can check out planned features here: What will I get?

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Players asked for a place to recover their strength and prepare for future adventures. Evened up the volume gala casino broad street birmingham between combat and system sounds to be more consistent.

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