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Possibly a garage kit with low production. Umpire has bee partially assembled and some parts painted black. Please enjoy and I welcome all advice and thoughts.

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So I would make my own characters from what I had by way of cut, glue, swap, etc. So, I didn't have a whole lot of toys. Identical to the U. Parts mint and factory sealed. I've tried out arms and head with Captain you-know-who, but I think I want something else in the end. Original issue model kit. Box has very minimal edge diorama slot and grades excellent or nicer. Figural Kits in plastic.

Paints and Primer are Tamiya, and the mid-torso is entirely sculpted in Green Stuff.

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With Maggie, I made every noob mistake I think was possible. But thanks to the fer a repasser pas cher casino shared freely in this community, I figured out how to correct them and not make them again. All come in the elongated boxes with great artwork covers.

When you turn the crank on the one side: Minor crease on top edge of boxtop. She now has a floating upper and lower body joint connected with rubber O-rings ala GI Joe. Framed picture includes figures of batter; catcher; umpire and fielder with simulated woodgrain frame and full color background. Seadog just sits there and enjoys!

I discovered how mixing mediums is the way to go and did so liberally. Molded in yellow plastic with full color paper litho labels.

DIORAMA SLOT CAR 1/43 - by Andrea Ceccarelli Modellista

Casino 58 in long island torso halves assembled; the leg and arm halves assembled. Also when the propeller is turned in the front Captain Crunch's arms bend at the elbow. Parts are mint box is excellent to near mint. So, I decided to make my own. Box is not sealed but it is mint.

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But, please be gentle. Identical kit; box is slightly thinner cardboard than American issue. When I was a child, we were poor This is the one with the giant shark attacking Frogman inside his shark cage. Giant Swallowtail; Monarch; Luna Moth. But the toy series I really lusted after was Exosquad; we could never afford any.

What I did have was usually broken and incomplete from a donation bin, bulk leggo blocks, and the occasional GI Joes in need of diorama slot rubber O-rings. Box top has stains and a split corner.

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West Hempstead Long Island. Imagine my disappointment when I found that the brand had fallen into the pit of Collectors items and were priced accordingly.

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Comes with foil that you apply to give "antiqued metal look". This is the BOX only - no kit. Framed picture includes figures of football players with simulated woodgrain frame and full color background.

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The finished Maggie Weston is now posted to the Showcase!!! The decals have been neatly applied to the Luna Moth wings. Great box art of him by Norman Mingo. Box has cut-out pieces that can be used in diorama. Apoxie sculpt and Green Stuff are the main mediums, depending on what detail and body part i'm working on.

Alec is Speed Demon so far, still not sure who's clothed arms I want to use. Now as an adult, I wanted to fill that childhood need and went searching for some used Exo squad toys. Horse is rearing up on hind legs. You may never see another one!