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The schools were not prepared to handle racial incidents, even though any that occurred were very minor. According to the LAOkay web site, [11] this adobe was built where the present baseball field is in the park. It was this scandal, according to the Los Angeles Times, that eventually led to the outlawing of the Klan in California.

These settlers, she wrote, were ordered by the officials of the San Gabriel Mission "to graze their animals on the ocean side of Los Angeles in order not to infringe on Mission lands. Through the years[ edit ] Inglewood Park Cemeterya widely used cemetery for the entire region, was founded in There were no Latinos on the five-member Board of Education.

Deutz ordered Inglewood schools to desegregate in response to a suit filed by 19 parents. A full year later Jimmy Lee Worsham became the second. Economic factors apparently played a role in where new arrivals settled, said David Heer, a USC professor of sociology and associate director of the university's Population Research Laboratory. Twenty years later, on February 1, Butts returned to Inglewood by being elected as its fourth black mayor.

It no longer exists. Not a single black child attended the city's schools.

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African-American influence[ edit ] "No blacks had ever lived in Inglewood," Gladys Waddingham wrote, [10]: Ku Klux Klan in Inglewood, California Ku Klux Klan activities in Inglewood during the 20th century were highlighted by the arrest and trial of 37 men, most of them masked, for a night-time raid on a suspected bootlegger and his family. The white population declined from 19 percent 21, to Park known for most of its history as Centinela Park.

Underwood sitting at desk of his KHJ broadcasting station in Inglewood, Aircraft workers on lunch break in Inglewood aircraft factory of North American Aviation A jury returned a "not guilty" verdict for all defendants who completed the trial.

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The raid led to the shooting death of one of the culprits, an Inglewood police officer. Real estate agents refused to show homes to blacks. Inthe census counted only 29 'Negroes' among Inglewood's 63, residents. This came to the great displeasure of the predominantly white residents already residing in Inglewood. Adults held many heated community meetings, since the Blacks objected to busing as much as did the Whites.

Location and area[ edit ]. Moret became Inglewood's first black police officer who is of Louisiana Creole Ancestry. Butts left Inglewood in September at the age of 38 to become the first person of color to command the Santa Monica Police Department as Chief of Police, and the youngest ever to do so.

The 7th black officer in the history of the City of Inglewood was James T.

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A rumored curfew kept blacks off the streets at night. In that decade, whites left the city in increasing numbers, and Inglewood became the first city in California to declare the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Local historian Gladys Waddingham wrote that these springs took the name Centinela from the hills that rose gradually around them and which allowed ranchers to watch over their herds " thus the name centinelas or sentinels ".

Inglewood was a prime target because of its [previous] history of restrictions.