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Before leaving the courtroom, he also read one last part of Sakura's suicide note, revealing that the mastermind did "something" to the students as part of their plan, but left without revealing any further details.

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Before the Ultimate Lucky Student could prove his innocence, Monokuma suddenly called "time's up! He warned that everyone's secrets would be made known publicly unless someone was killed in the next 24 hours, but Makoto doubted that anyone would kill over something so insignificant.

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He also tends to ignore the students or act like he doesn't understand what they're talking about whenever they expose him with correct evidence. According to Kodaka, Monokuma is the easiest character to write because he is the type of character that can make him say anything he wants without fear of repercussion. Intrigued, Monokuma agreed to Kyoko's challenge; if the students solved all of the mysteries of the school including Mukuro's death and the identity of the mastermindMonokuma would let them go, but if they failed, he would execute them all.

However, he always rather quickly reveals his evil nature by describing killing games and his desire for despair, and he is very well known for his habit to say and do whatever he wants to.

It's been shown that he can also get hypocritical about his ideology of despair, as he is very much willing to lie and cheat if he gets desperate enough. Monokuma tried to get rid of some important information that was scattered around the Academy to prevent the students from knowing the truth behind the Killing Game.

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After Junko was found as the guilty murder, she and Monokuma executed themselves in the The Ultimate Punishment. As such, he finally unleashed his "ace"; the sixteenth student, Mukuro Ikusaba. Monokuma can be quite impatient and might attack people with his claws, his self-destruct function, threats of execution, or any other means if he is annoyed or threatened enough.

During the trial, Byakuya Togami claimed that the murderer was the serial killer, Genocide Jack ; however, this was disproven when Genocide Jack herself clarified that she did not murder anyone. To calm the chaos, Sakura decided to commit suicide, but not before writing a note for her classmates that explained her motives and what she knew about the mastermind's real plan.

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He had to deflect a few questions from the students first, starting with Kyoko asking why there were 16 seats in the courtroom; he explained that it only meant that the courtroom was built to accommodate a maximum of 16 people. Makoto investigates, only to be knocked out by a mysterious masked figure; after awakening, he follows the sound of a commotion to the gym, where Monokuma and Sakura Ogami are in the middle of a battle.

Unfortunately for Monokuma, the remaining students managed to uncover the truth of Sakura's death and correctly vote her as the culprit of her own "murder". At around the same time, she contacted Monaca, the Head of Towa Group's robotics division, to create the robotic version to be used for the Killing School Life, as well as additional units to serve as Junko's army.

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He seizes every opportunity to belittle the students, dodging the blame and claiming that they are the ones responsible for everything bad that happens in the school.

During the daily meeting in the cafeteria, the students theorized that Monokuma's controller must be a known psychopathic killer because of the situation they are in, this killer was theorized to be Genocide Jackbut they could not explain how someone could do such a planned execution, even if he had saved millions for it.

She intended to give the note to Aoi Asahinabut Monokuma replaced it with a note of his own, in which "Sakura" claimed that she was taking her life out of despair for the situation now gripping the academy. Contents [ show ] Appearance Monokuma is a bear that his whole face and body are divided by the center into two parts.

Chapter 6 - Ultimate Pain, Ultimate Suffering, Ultimate Despair, Ultimate Execution, Ultimate Death After Kyoko and Makoto returned from the garbage room, they confronted Monokuma over his manipulation of the previous trial; noting that Monokuma's defiance of his own rules was a sign of desperation, Kyoko demanded a fair retrial. In cosplay, Monokuma resembles the Yo-Kai, Jibanyan. Monokuma's attempt to make Junko submit only got him knocked the floor and stomped on; however, this only prompted him to activate the " Spears of Gungnir ".

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It is also noted in Danganronpa 2 that he dislikes any kind of red food, and he is also seen eating the meat prepared by Teruteru Hanamura. Therefore, during the prototype execution featuring Chiaki Nanamishe hosted the broadcast to the Class B with a non-robotic stuffed bear version of Monokuma.

Fitting his arrogance, he has multiple fake stories about his past, many of them nonsensical and with silly, dark or even thoughtful message in the clams casino cry little sister.

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He also has his own signature laughs, a sadistic "puhuhu" "upupupu" in the Japanese version and a mocking "ah-hahahaha". It's unclear how eating works for Monokuma considering that he is a robot, but it seems to be just a part of his comical act, just like his sleeping.

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He is also wearing a red king cape around his neck and body. The Monokuma units were then secretly distributed to the various branches of Ultimate Despair, with Junko taking several for her plot at Hope's Peak Academy. Notably, he seems to be strongly against any shameful acts that could taint his respectful school, yet he himself often incorrectly accuses the students of having dirty motives and goes into way too much detail about his suspicions.

The next morning, Monokuma publicly announced Sakura's role as his accomplice to the remaining students, renewing his command for her to commit murder. After the Class Trial, Monokuma allowed the students to access the third floor of the academy.

Junko also creates a personality for Monokuma in the Killing Game while she controls him. After the executionKyoko warns Makoto about a secret room in the academy she found. Inside him he was a lot of wires due to him being a robot and a bomb.

Monokuma laughs at his handiwork as the screen turns black.

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As she drifts back down to earth, she caresses herself more gently. He also likes to make fun of K1-B0 for being a robot, even though he is also a one.

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After Makoto tried to open the door because clams casino cry little sister didn't it didn't worked, Monokuma pops up and explained Makoto how to open it as his door had a problem because of the doorknob could get jammed. Danganronpa 3 - Future Arc Appearance Add a photo to this gallery Outfits In Danganronpa 2, Monokuma briefly wears a light blue suit with a white shirt and a long red tie around his neck.

During the game proper, Monokuma is first seen through the monitors, where he talks to the students to head to the gymnasium so they could begin the ceremony for entering to Hope's Peak Academy as Ultimate Students.

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Before executing Mondo, Monokuma explained both the killer and the victim's tragic backstories, and how they had collided to lead to murder. At some point around this time, Monokuma approached Sakura Ogami and forced her to become his accomplice by threatening her fighting dojo.

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