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Casinos recognize that there are lots of players out there that are just trying to get something for free. Visitors that stay at casinos will often receive comps via the mail after their stay encouraging them to come back for low prices and sometimes even for free.

Try to stay for at least two nights.

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There is one other circumstance where the casino will offer comps. Sure, they want you to be happy in their casino, but if a player isn't coming back, they are unlikely to offer comps. Tips for maximizing your comps while playing Here are some tips to keep in mind while you are accumulating "points" on your comp card: How do you redeem your comps?

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But for any substantial comps, the casino has to think you are going to payoff. Once you have one, you are officially "rated" -- Congratulations! The casino industry is about all forms of entertainment. Make his life easier, and he'll make your life easier too.

As long as the cost is small enough, the casino is likely to do it. Ninemsn weather casino the casino Host thinks you are about to leave and never come back, he's not incented to help you much.

In my opinion, your best bet for great comps is at the less-popular casinos. That is to make sure that guests don't leave their casino completely irate. Most of the major casinos offer comp cards. Notice that when playing at the tables, its important to play for a significant amount of time. If you are rude the the Host, he's not going to be interested in helping you out.

Comps are calculated differently at all casinos. Playing for about 1 hour, you can play about 60 blackjack hands.

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The largest comp I've personally heard of was a casino gifting a free total stay at their casino for a week - including airfare, meals, and accomodations in their top-of-the-casino suite! What is a comp card? Make sure you get their help to recognize the amount you gambled before you leave the table.

The best way to do this is to allow them to track your gaming progress via a "comp card".

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In other words, you need to be coming back. To increase your chances of getting comped, the casino wants to know that you spend lots of money at their casino.

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Even more fascinating is that you don't necessarily even have to gamble in order to get comps. How are comps calculated? If you use the restaurants, charge it to your room. When you use a card in slot machines, the casino keeps track of exactly when you started playing, how much you won and lost, and when you stopped playing. The casino staff are there to make your stay a happy one.

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When you sit down to play, stay for at least an hour. Stay in the hotel at the same casino where you play most. But those "mail-offers" aren't the fun types of comps.

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The term "comps" is short for "complimentaries", or things that the House will give to its patrons for free in exchange for playing at their Casino. Remember - comps are about making the player happy and making sure the player comes back Tips for redeeming comps Alright, so you've read everything here on Cruzino. Mistakes are made everywhere, and Casinos are no exception.

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Many visitors to casinos chose the casino based on recommendations and referrals from friends, co-workers and family. Note - because this is a manual process - if you just play for minutes, you may not get anything marked on your comp card.

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If you gamble without using your card, the casino doesn't know that you are spending your money with them.