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The place is small, with not many tables and, When it is full, It gets very busy and cigarette smoke might be really irritating to nonsmokers. After the Ausgleich of the region was fully reabsorbed into Hungary [4][6] as a part of the newly established Austro-Hungarian Empire. Definitely worth a visit!

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The service is good, awesome location, and the prices are good. The Samsara is the only one Tea House where you take off your shoes before entering, you sit on a comfortable pillow on the floor to drink one of the best tea Cluj-napoca. The sounds of the cafeteria are accompanied by Gothic music and there is space for everyone. Cluj It is also the capital of the Transylvania, world famous for the legend of Dracula.

The pub opens at around 5 in the afternoon, but the party does not begin before the The Flying Circus Pub is among the best clubs for students scattered around seven club casino cluj-napoca center of Cluj-Napoca. My Way Club nightlife Cluj-Napoca: The Submarine is a club located in Piata Unirii, right next to the town of Cluj.

They are also the largest trader of Guinness across the County. Berariei 6, Cluj-Napoca Open Friday from The Cotton Club is a bar in Cluj-Napoca with a charming outdoor garden. The Londoner is a typical English pub in the heart of historic center of Cluj-napoca. The events taking place here are top quality and varied, from exhibitions to parties, up at film screenings.

TheAfter Eight is a club located within walking distance of Unirii Square, with economic input: Here are a bunch of art and installations that make you feel within a vortex of optical illusions. The drink minimum of 20 Her for a coctkail, helps to make the My Way is one of the most expensive clubs Cluj-napoca. If you are fans of steampunk, This amazing bar will impress you: The artistic aspect is a trend widespread seven club casino cluj-napoca nightlife in Cluj-Napoca.

At Club 30 Plus You can find good music mostly house music and Latincheap drinks and you can meet lots of interesting people. Its old town is wonderful, full of old world charm.

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Club Phi 18 nightlife Cluj-Napoca: The pub also offers a list from which you can choose the songs you want to hear. The Bamboo is definitely the most fashionable club of the nightlife in Cluj-Napoca.

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This can be explained by rock music dominating the playlist and it might be very difficult to dance without first having had a couple of shots. The pub is located right inside the old factory of beer and some of the pipes and installations are still there.

At Charlie Pub you will be greeted by an amiable waiter, which will ask you if you have booked. Afterward, inHungary was divided between the Habsburgs and the Turks, with the Transylvanian principality maintaining autonomy as an Ottoman subject. Definitely a great place to dance and feast your eyes. Recommended for those who have less than 25 years.

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Inthe Allies confirmed the union in the Treaty of Trianon. The small rooms are eclectically furnished with chairs and tables whose style ranges from basic utilities, worthy of a gulag, the excessive comfort.

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This bar offers drinks and quality at affordable prices. Dictionary gambling Habsburgs acquired the territory shortly after the Battle of Vienna in The bar is located in the historic centre of Cluj-napoca and have a wide selection of local wines.

The pub sounds like a real apartment with all its original furnishings! The club offers some of best parties and concerts of Cluj. The Magyars conquered the area at the end of the 9th century and firmly established their control over it inwhen their king Stephen I, according to legend, defeated the native prince entitled or named Gyula. Prices are fair and you can even sing karaoke Monday and Tuesday.

Electronic music trance psy energizing and almost hypnotic effect on the listener. If you like quirky style, with people easy and not hip, theInsomnia Pub should be your first stop among the nightclubs in Cluj-Napoca. Every Saturday evening there is theInstant Party, with themed nights with a musical selection ranging from salsa to Greek music.

At Tube Social Chemistry they have great drinks and is situated in a great location, near the most famous street for the nightlife in Cluj-Napoca piezisa.

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During the party this is the place to meet celebrities, attend meetings and enjoy a drink between movies. Insomnia is a quirky pub, located on the second floor of a building close to Piata Unirii. The territory, however, reverted to Romania in ; this was confirmed in the Paris Peace Treaties[4].