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The Italian word casino first meant a cottage or country house. Threw the deck away Met him in and Danna and I spent a wonderful 5 years together before he passed away.

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Today the Casino Theatre still commands a strategic place in the hearts and minds of the people of the Alle-Kiski Region and hopes to continue providing culture and entertainment as its founders intended for years to come! Among those who traveled to the opening was famed jeweler and stained glass innovator, Lewis Comfort Tiffany.

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Not the most legal thing to do. Reportedly in the late teens and early twenties, a young boy from Indiana, Pa. The intent was to provide a place where his employees could own their own homes and develop pride and allegiance to the wonderful place that was being created for them where they could live, work and play with a greater quality of life.

Played churches all over Western Pennsylvania Danna Vernon Graphics had customers in 3 counties.

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Contact us The "Casino" name predates the existing Casino Theatre building and business, and goes back to a landmark dance hall built on the same spot in Over 30, hits from over countries on our website as of June She taught herself how to run the typesetter machine. An orchestra including a permanent large Geneva Organ accompanied the features to provide added excitement and meaning.

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The word came into the English language in casino theatre vandergrift mid s, and for many years during the Victorian era, "casino" was simply a fancy, exotic-sounding name for a place for social amusements. Produced a monthly live country music dinner show with various bands at WTYM radio Had a country music jam session on our lawn at home with around musicians and their family from 5 different states Besides a beautiful system of parks, donated land for churches and a company baseball team, the plan included the development of a cultural center for the musical and performing arts to be known as the Casino Theatre.

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The "Casino Theatre," complete with British spelling of "theater," was born. We get calls for "casino" business many times a week, whether it's people looking to make room reservations or vendors looking to deliver beverages. Reopening its doors inthe Casino Theatre Restoration and Management CTRM casino theatre vandergrift theatre vandergrift, a non-profit organization has been able to restore the theater to its original grandeur and successfully manage it over the recent decades.

These days, of course, the word "casino" primarily means a place used for gambling. He lived in Bradenton Florida It opened inand contained tennis courts, a dance floor and a bowling alley, as well as a stage for theatrical productions.

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I wrote a column for their newspaper every month The stage provided one of few ways to experience, firsthand, what was going on in the world, regarding entertainment as well as listening to renowned speakers. Sounds like a big upright bass. Made casino theatre vandergrift Xara Prior to building his new industrial town and steel factory in what was to become Vandergrift Pennsylvania, George G.