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The other thing that I have observed is that, because YM was the person to systematically teach to step forward in casino outside of Cuba, to many people, the forward-step has become a sort of staple for his method. So let me show you.

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The way I see it, during the first years, instructors arrived to Europe not really knowing the scene there. The following video is a good example of this.

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MCC is not a dance. Now, as I said in the beginning, I will not mcc casino a review of his method or anything of the sort.

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If you use it when you dance, teach it! I invite you to read it in its entirety by clicking herebut if you want the quick summary of what I said, here it is: The dance is casino. Hard to find as they were, people outside of Cuba were not watching them. Again, folks, casino is danced in Cuba by predominantly stepping forward.

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The idea here is that, by following this roadmap, you will be able to replicate what casino dancing is at its core. Mcc casino my own, but with some basic knowledge of the dance now, I knew that my next step had to involve looking learning from the Cubans in the island somehow. I have already dedicated an extensive post to them, explaining the effect that they had on the dance of casino.

I agree, and in my defense, I would say that I have had my own personal reasons as to why I have not until now.

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In fact, many of you might have found this blog or known about me because of YM. This is, of course, problematic.

However, I also grew up in Cuba, and while I had not really learned much there, I did see a lot of casino dancing. Then I learned that the woman dancing with him was Japanese, which suggested that this guy also had the tools to solve the problem that I had perceived with Cuban instructors in Europe, because even if she was non-Cuban, she exhibited none of the lack of fluidity I had seen from the non-Cuban followers helping Cuban instructors in Europe.

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They were doing a fusion—sometimes for the sake of fusing and with no musical explanation. However, mostly it has comes down to me not having found the right way to talk about this topic.


Or maybe did they not have the pedagogical tools to implement the needed changes. In the United States, we had Salsa Lovers.

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But then he got to Europe and saw that there was a big market for dances other than casino, and his dancing changed: In fact, I left the group with which I had started dancing. What I saw there reaffirmed what I had already realized: