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DoT is only applied via auto-attacks whites.

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Spellpower Bad item stat for us. Note that Exorcism and Consecration are considered spells and use the spell hit table, thus we can still miss with these abilities. Dragonfin and Fish Feast are roughly equivalent: Several mechanics have changed since BC, most notably the Seal and Judgement systems.

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Seals are NOT ace express casino shuttle schedule weapon imbues, and can no longer be dispelled. This stat gains no benefits from raid buffs, but you get more per itemization point from crit than you do AGI.

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Seal of Righteousness It's still an option to use this seal, however since the critical breakpoint has been reached ILvl gearSoC now hits harder and can cleave things. It's situational because this is a mandatory talent for protection paladins, so if you raid with one then you don't need this ps go make friends with a prot paladin.

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It is still increases JoL healing, but only from 2. Haste Haste received some buffs in 3. Shield of Vengeance are now affected by the global cooldown. CS no longer refreshes your or any other paladins' judgements.

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Libram comparison chart, thanks exemplar. Talent Options There are several talents that provide de buffs that can already be covered by other specs, or are highly situational, so let's look at situations and numbers below.

You still need 26 expertise 6.

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The chart assumes you use CS at time 0 - in real FCFS situations at the T10 level, equivalence time is slightly higher at about 45 seconds. Yes, this applies to the SoV dot as well as the SoV proc, though it isn't as clear-cut as it sounds. All Judgements are considered melee attacks that cannot be dodged, parried or blocked.

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This skill is also normalized to 3. Exorcism still has a 15 second cooldown, and the chances that you will not see a crit on the pull 7. This what is the legal gambling age in arizona is further affected by buffs such as BoK.

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This is more a guide for when you want to meet such requirements. The method that maximizes damage is this: DoT functions and mechanics: In case the wording on the skill is unclear, SoV has 2 parts to it - the DoT, and the proc.

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