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The machine has great visuals as well as excellent sound effects. Three kings pay the winner three credits, four pay fifteen, and five pay the winner seventy five credits. All pays are multiplied by the total bet on the initiating game. Terminator Slots Winning Paylines This game has twenty paylines.

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Some of the other symbols are the tank, phone book, hand, gun, sunglasses, truck, and German Shephard. The Crush the Terminator bonus is initiated when three Crush the Terminator symbols are shown on a played line.

The feature ends when Sarah and Kyle escape. When the selection reveals a pay value, the amount is added to the win meter and a new selection is made in the next round and the Terminator is thrown back. Besides scatter symbols, all symbols must be on the same active payline lotro cosmetic slots left to right to trigger a winning combination.

Players can win on more than one payline in a single spin.

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Two cars are worth three credits and three are worth twenty credits. Four cars award the winner thirty credits, and five pay a total of two hundred credits. The title symbol is wild, and can substitute for any symbol except the T scatter symbol. Last are the photos of Sarah Connor. In this feature you play as one of the robots chasing Sarah and Kyle, and it terminator slot machine for sale your job to shoot targets in order to keep pursuing them.

The Kyle Reese feature appears at random. In this feature, you play as future Kyle Reese and must shoot and destroy the robots without alerting Skynet. The screen changes where the slot player is looking at the screen through the eyes of the Terminator.

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The Terminator on the screen is crawling towards you to come after the slot player and the slot player must choose only one square of six to knock back the Terminator. Two hovercraft award the player five credits, while three award twenty five, four pay fifty, and five hovercraft pay the winner three hundred credits.

The maximum award iscredits when 5 scattered Terminator Skeleton symbols are shown on any paid payline. This is when the Terminator crashes his way through the glass and the slot player is doomed.

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Five T symbols pay fifty credits. Three queens pay the winner three credits, four are worth fifteen, and five are worth fifty credits. You must simply use your mouse to select a target and left click to fire. All wins are multiplied by the initiating line bet. Each line is marked, and players can choose to play one or up to all twenty lines.

The free spin bonus is triggered when the nitro bomb symbol appears on reel one, the motorbike on reel three, and the tanker truck on reel five. The pay value is awarded and the bonus ends. The Terminator finds his target as the people on the screen scatter.

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In the bonus round, the one box presented is selected and a value is revealed. The Locate Sarah Connor feature game is triggered when three T heads appear anywhere on the screen. Two of these symbols on a payline are worth thirty credits, while three are worth two hundred fifty and four are worth five hundred.

Each shot robot adds a multiplier to the amount of the bet that triggered the bonus game. This is terminator slot machine for sale game that can say for certain that "you'll be back". Three tens are worth two credits as well, with four paying eight credits and five paying fifteen credits. A player getting three jacks wins two credits, while four will net them ten credits and five will net them twenty five credits.

Two T1 machines pay the winner twenty credits, three pay one hundred fifty, terminator slot machine for sale pay three hundred, and five T1 symbols award the winner two thousand five hundred credits.

Two symbols pay one credit, three pay two credits, and four pay five credits.