Pioneer slot camaro,

In our next series we will discuss other performance enhancements so stay tuned. I sand just flush of it and it fits cleanly.

Tuning Pioneer Camaro Slot Car Typhoon Motor Upgrade

Given the low production numbers and higher price tag will usually earn you that title in our hobby. We will start with basic chassis modifications and then include more advanced options if you decide you want to upgrade the original running gear. The size of the axle carrier bearing internal diameter is relaxed by a thousandths or so to prevent any binding.

Again, the paintwork seems very well done.

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Although the scheme will not appeal to everyone, overall I think it looks the part well enough. In a few cases I have noticed some very fine flash molding. Here is a video of the process.

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I also prefer them because upgrading to better quality wheels is easier. Do the sponsors and smaller contingency logos appear to be placed realistically? They simply look the part.

Something else to considor: Pure collectors of the series do not care much about 1: For the pure Trans-Am aficionado's however, these fantasy based models are meaningless. My solution is to sand the bottom of the interior down flush with the rest of the interior bottom.

Gearing does seem a little smoother than my earlier Mustangs and I pioneer slot camaro sure some break-in time will make them even better.

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Most of the chatter and hop is eliminated and the car is just more fun to drive overall. All you are doing is simply cleaning the top of the post to make sure it is free of excess flash molding or paint. Earlier release of the Alan Green model far left shown for reference. They fit right into our existing Trans-Am series nicely and look forward in racing them.

You can clean this off easily with sandpaper and then remount your tires. This is a long reported issue and does cause binding in some cases. Slightly enlarging these holes goes a long way in making sure they are not binding. And race them is just what we do.

Over size bushings cause excess chatter, hop, and even poor gear mesh. And the collector is where this brand has plenty of appeal. VDC Vehicle Data Card where supplied, now a new size that is easily pulled out and replaced under base.

Preparations You need to remove the body from the chassis and all running gear components. As with any brand, you get good and bad. Notice I did not say missing. It only takes a small drop of glue on the end of the axle to secure the wheel and you are good to go.

Is that really a bad thing?

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Although it is not a modification many of you will want to do, I sand radius the entire chassis to allow the body to rest on the chassis cleanly, with no pressure on any sides. I knew I could get them to run much smoother just as we have done in the past with the Mustangs. Having the body on hand to test as you go is always a good idea. Although getting to know our manufacturer's is always fun and interesting, it is THE CARS that the enthusiasts acquire that really matter to me.

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Pioneer has had some challenges in this area in the past but as I look around the car it appears they have addressed them. Our second model represents an actual car that was originally driven by Warren Fairbanks and is still doing battle today in the Historic Trans-Am Series with Ron Tribble behind the wheel.

If I decide to keep the stock gearing, I can just slip on after-market wheels and get fuddruckers harrahs casino to racing. The added appeal is that this tuning has no added cost. One thing that I anderson indiana casino do not like is the body to chassis fit.

Pioneer has went through some changes over the past pioneer slot camaro years and I have read many articles focusing on that. But this is an area that leads to some issues and you must decide if it is a good thing, or bad.