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Do not connect to servers located in the USA, since they almost certainly are fakes.

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August 16th, On a local server, on all servers or on the serverless Kad network. August 18th, Slot allocation means how fast aMule should upload to each client.

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To avoid getting these files always check if the file is commented. Choosing global search will give more results than a single server search.

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The Preview function allows how to make money on casino slots to look at your videos and archives before they are completed. Support for Source Exchange in order to find sources for files more efficiently.

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The current stable version of aMule is 2. If your left arrow ed2k is green, the right arrow should turn green once you have put a few popular files on your download list and Kad is properly bootstrapped.

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To open the ports you can either install Firestarter, the GUI for iptables by typing the following in the terminal: To acieve maximim performance, it is also a good idea to open a UDP-port for extended server requests.

Being firewalled will drastically decrease performance. If you chose to autoconnect only to servers in static serverlist, aMule will only try reconnecting to one of these safe servers if disconnected.

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If you have one or more subdirectory within that folder you want to share, right click the folder! Of course, on Windows too. Included extra info about fake servers and blocked search terms on server searches.

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Included extra info about extended server requests, eD2k links handling, plus crash in Feisty while updating IPfilter. In this box you can see what the other users are naming their files. Incoming directory is where your finished downloads will be saved.

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If other users have commented the file, an icon will turn up next to it.