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Taylah holdem.

In the meantime I was preparing myself because apparently there's meant to be about 70 girls trialing today.

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Wow I wasn't expecting that, what a coincidence, Maia and I were in the same team! I'm really close to Maia and I see her basically every day plus I do everything with her and her dad Wayne, he's my soccer coach and he's also one taylah holdem the canterbury football selectors for today.

She handed me the sheet of paper with the teams on it.

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So I was really excited. Whew just in the nick of time. It all goes down on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon when my brother Flynn and I had just home from school.

Emily, one of the coaches called everyone in and she introduced herself and the other coaches. I scanned through the first team Emily gathered us all together and told us that the teams would be announced this coming Friday.

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After doing all that it was about time to finish. We were waiting for taylah holdem cousin Maia and my Uncle Wayne to show up because we were going to a Canterbury soccer trial. Relived to be finished I excitedly sprinted up to mum.

They split us into surnames!! It wasn't a very entertaining car ride but we got there in the end. I scanned through the next bomber blackjack, my eyes were flitting all over the show, going from name to name.

90m Hurdles U/16yrs Women Final, 2018 Down Under Championships, Gold Coast 14/07/2018

I ran to mum, MUM!!! Wayne had to register as well, but the funny thing was that Wayne was in front of Maia who was in front of me.

I just had to see how much it really did hurt so I ran up and skidded on my knees. Wayne said "Holdem" "Wayne Holdem" she repeated, checking he was the right person " Yep that's the one" he said.

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The lady at the table asked each of us our surname. As we were waiting for them, I sprinted upstairs, whipped off my school uniform, chucked on some suitable clothes and sprinted back downstairs. I know you're excited but keep it down, you'll frighten the neighbours. She warned me that it extremely hurts when you trip or fall over.