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Chupa Chups, one of the most prominent brands distributed and consumed widely by the Perfetti Van Melle group in world markets, is the market leader among hundreds of lolipop brands on the world. In many countries of the world sinceChupa Chups, the choice of children, young people and even adults, has the title of being one of every four lollipops consumed in the world.

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The most significant thing about their logo is that; Salvador Dali, had blackjack travel retail with the founder of the Chupa Chup, and desingned the logo on an official newspaper, which will be a Chupa Chups logo in less than an hour at this lunch.

This sophisticated 21 year old blend is a whisky to savour on special occasions. It is based on the original elixir of 56 botanical ingredients — unchanged since its invention with five more new araomatic spice in the Manifest. Visitors to blackjack travel retail stand were treated to a meet and greet with Percy Pilot, Entertainment from the Polka Dot singers and a taste experience from non other than Ash Joshi, William Grants specialist.

The manifests itself is the latest creation based on the original poetic elixir.

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The limited release, distinct and creamy whisky displays the sweet vanilla characteristic of American Oak cask influence, ideal for the discerning traveller looking for a unique gift to bring home. This blackjack travel retail and joyfull promotion will keep your inner child alive running with Alice in Wonderland.

It offers a unique sensorial difference and an entirely different premium chocolate experience.

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This colourful promotion will keep your inner child alive running with Alice in Wonderland. The choclate eggs filled with different surprises, and plenty of milk chocolate, which contributes to the development of children has become a favorite of many for both gifts and delicious snacks.

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The profound difference in taste speaks to the mastery of its distillers. It was a great chance to showcase what Blackjack do best, bringing together retail, sampling and entertainment.

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This fabulous chocolate tasting has drawn a variety of customers over ranging from the age of 7 to 70 years old, bringing a smile to all their faces. These cute kinder guys in the shape of eggs are attracting a lot of attention from the children and adults in the stores. This logo is still there today and attractively put the name of the mark on a daisy.

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This follows on from a very successful month promoting Hendricks in preparation for World Gin Day and then a recent development of World Cucumber day. That he protects and tends his quarry, Hunts with honor, as is due, And through the beast to God is true.

Best Promotional Staff & Marketing Solutions in Top European Airports

Heritage should never be a restriction, but a stage to build upon. A sparkling gold colour, floral nose and aromatic palate give it a delightful complexity.

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This year the Travel Retail Industry in Russia is celebrating its 30th anniversary, which co-insides with Smart Project celebrating their 4th birthday, what a great honour for them to roll out the red carpet in celebration of Russia's Travel Retail stars!

Our Blackjack Promotions team members are excited to be educating passengers on this brand which is exclusive to travelretail and designed to appeal to travellers who enjoy adventure.