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The company now operates two separate divisions, Forest Garden and Forest Sawmills, the latter operating out of two sites with the largest being based in Lockerbie, Scotland and has the largest specialist fencing sawmill in the country. Recycle your green waste in this carbon neutral Slot Down composter.

Similary, pressure treated wood often shows markings that may appear to be mould, but are in fact a build up of the treatment applied which may be removed by hand or will gradually weather away. Forest Garden is the manufacturing and distribution arm of the business and is based in Hartlebury, Worcestershire.

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Wood, the same as any natural material will never be 'perfect' as the beauty of forest slot down garden composter material is the variation in colour, texture and finish. Material Information Natural Wood Characteristics: Marrow, gnarls forest slot down garden composter grains are unique, natural characteristics of the tree.

These insects were killed while processing the stem into the end product. In addition to that, it also operates an industry leading home delivery service which delivers a staggeringunits per annum.

Salts, mould and fungi are caused by the humidity in the atmosphere and are usually a temporary phenomenon. Manufactured in the UK using locally sourced timber.

Slot Down Composter Features:

Brand Approved Brand Information Forest Garden Ltd is the UK's leading manufacturer and distributor of garden timber products, primarily garden buildings, fencing, decking and decorative garden structures. They fall off naturally of may be planed.

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Guaranteed against rot for 15 year. All of these characteristics are expected with wood and can be explained as follows. We recommend you view these products as they are often a more cost-effective option. Components simply slot together.

Quick and easy to assemble. It proudly boasts the largest manufacturing and distribution sites in its sector from where it delivers weekly to over 3, retail outlets in peak season.

Many dimensions are rounded or approximate. The product images shown are as accurate as photographic processes allow and may appear differently in accordance with lighting conditions and screen calibration in addition to the natural variation occurring between individual items.

Extension Kit Dimensions:

You may also be interested in In a new management structure integrated a number of operational processes to ensure faster response to market demands - while retaining an absolute commitment to the further development of both the Forest and Larchlap brands. Sizes are nominal and may vary. Rugged areas are where the natural texture of the wood differs and despite milling, cannot be removed.

Since the late nineties the business has seen many changes through acquisition and organic growth.

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Wood is a natural material used in a wide range of construction projects and is known for its sturdiness, elasticity, noise reduction qualities and overall aesthtic appeal as a result of its natural characteristics.

Swelling, shrinkage and cracking is caused by the humidity in the atmosphere altering the volume of the wood. Images may not be a true representation of a particular product size. All natural timber products are unique and will vary in markings, colour and texture, often showing distinctive markings. Resins escape from the wood usually in the first year following manufacturing.

Slot Down Compost Bin Extension Kit Features:

Manufactured from pressure treated softwood. Pinholes are produced by small xylophagous insects.

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