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Sanford actually, his older brother's name - as well as his father's, whom he never met. The address of the company for many years was South Central Avenue, which originally was Williams' home in Watts.

It was reissued probably in in black vinyl with a glossy maroon Dootone label.

Some copies of records beyond this point are known to have Dootone labels, probably due to using up remaining stock. Theoretically, one would be able to match the logos on the record jackets to the first release label, but the albums were reissued so often, and the logos on the jacket front revised so often, and leftover label stock used so unpredictably, that this is just not easily done.

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Some copies of this album have party craps california original flat maroon Dootone label; that is unusual because it was released 3 years after the label name change. Dootsie Williams had started a label called "Blue Records" starting in Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page.

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We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. The cover at right is that for EPD, which is part 2.

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Although some dealers in the collectors' market insist that this party craps california a original Dootone release from the fifties, and we have seen it listed with prices ranging from to dollars, we have a copy of the album and believe it to be either a Dooto release from the s or a s-vintage bootleg, probably the latter.

But the singles output of the label was a different story altogether. John Elroy Sanfordand he party craps california thousands of records on college campuses before most people ever heard of him. At far left is the 45 counterpart of the brown Dooto Party craps california label shown above. Walter "Dootsie" Williams died inthe same year as Redd Foxx.

Dooto also recorded jazz, and jazz collectors seek early albums by pianist Carl Perkins, Curtis Counce, Buddy Collette, and Dexter Gordon on the label. He also wrote songs for several big-name artists.

But in the s, these records stayed under the record store counter unless somebody came in and asked for them.

The s issues were labeled party craps california, but many of the Redd Foxx skits were recorded in mono, and appear in rechanneled stereo on these late albums. But as part of the deal, Ram insisted on a Mercury recording contract for another group he managed, the Platters.

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This label, which we will call the "yellow and blue label 1", was used as late as DTL- in This is most likely due to using up old label-blank stock as a cost-saving measure, or in the case of the later albums, as a nostalgia trip. Foxx and Williams had a falling out aroundbut Foxx was legally tied to Dooto until Frank Sinatra bought his contract for Sinatra's Loma label in As can be seen from the following discography, the vast majority of the albums released by the label were raunchy party records, or "blue" material as in, "swearing a blue streak".

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The original album in red wax is unbelievably rare and is worth several thousand dollars but watch out for counterfeits or "reproductions". Starting with DTL inthe Dooto album label far left switched to a yellow and blue to replace the maroon and silver, essentially keeping the same design.

Early Dootone albums far left had a label that was either flat or glossy maroon with silver print, graphics the same as the 45 or 78 labels.

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