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The target-seeding rate was 80 pounds of seed per acre. Introduction The use of no-tillage practices for crop production has gained wide acceptance among farmers in southwestern North Dakota.

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Peas emerged in the sod planting five days after the 13 July seeding. No-Tillage Seeding, Science and Practice.

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Fuel and time conservation. It is difficult to believe that a no-tillage drill can influence crop yield. Less opportunity for weed seeds to germinate and establish. Yields and seed count per pound were then calculated.

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Preservation of soil structure, earthworms, beneficial soil micro-fauna and micro-flora. The results are summarised below: Conservation tillage is often promoted as capable of regenerating damaged soil health, which has a direct influence on crop yield especially long term. The two semi-pneumatic wheels on each opener are 3 inches wide, 16 inches in diameter and control the depth of penetration as well as pressing the soil and residue back into place thus closing the craps place bet progression. This drill utilizing Cross-slot openers was assembled by a local fabricating manufacturer in Nov and demonstrated on five farms in Whole plant samples at maturity were harvested by hand and hung up to dry prior to separating the grain from the pods.

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Though very high residue conditions were not experienced this year due to drought conditions the previous year, additional testing of the drill under high residue field conditions will provide a better understanding of how this drill will perform as well as how crop culture will be affected by very high residue levels. The Regent Twilight Tour stopped at this location to look at soybean establishment and to discuss problems with soybean culture.

When the pressure on the press wheels exceeded 60 psi on dry nearly residue free sandy loam soil, the press wheels caused ridging. AC Mozartflax Linum usitatissimum L. Residue also provides a food source for beneficial fungi and bacteria as well as insect and weed seed predators. The grain was weighed, test weight measured, and yields calculated.

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The area seeded into was in sod for the past 20 years and is hayed annually. A blade on each side of the coulter cuts a horizontal slot. The drill must have the capability to use liquid as well as dry fertilizers.

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The end result of prolonged Cross Slot low-disturbance no-tillage is the regeneration of soil health, improved crop yields and with them, the sustainability of world food production. All fertilizer seeded with the Cross-Slot drill was applied through the drill in a separate band away from the seed. Gary Peterson at Colorado State University indicated highly variable seed placement with shallow seeding depths of small seeded crops.

Cooperating Producers The Dickinson Research Extension Center extends their appreciation and thanks to the following organizations for their financial support in building this Cross-Slot plot drill. When this occurs, most vertical or near-vertical no-tillage slots shrink open, exposing the seeds.

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Demonstration Results Dry conditions and freezing temperatures affected yields of all crops grown on the Bloom Farm, Taylor. From the above, it would be easy to valentine slots free that most of the issues outlined simply do not occur if the soil is tilled before seeding.

The drill is capable of seeding in high as well as low residue situations as seen at other locations in the USA. This field was harvested on 28 Jul with a combine. Sub-standard no-tillage opener designs can negate the positive effects offered by good soil, weather, genetics, fertilizers, weed, cross slot opener and disease control and husbandry, while good designs encourage plants to utilize these resources to advantage.

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Conservation tillage systems and equipment. Soil Sci Soc Am J

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