Rage: The Scorchers - Xbox review at Thunderbolt

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In the Gearhead Vault, on the planter to the right, in the bank lobby.

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The reward for winning the Cupino in Wellspring. In the Authority Prison, in a closet behind a locked door after breaking Captain Marshall out. The second button is in a small room on the third floor. In the Wasteland, near the ladder in the Radio Tower shack.

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Sometimes you are able to purchase items at a discount that can immediately be sold at Jani's Supplies for a higher price. In the Authority Prison, on a shelf beside a Hardware Packet, after disabling the first generator and passing through the security barrier.

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There is no prompt for the buttons, but you will hear a sound from Quake when you activate a button. In the Ghost Hideout, during the "Missing Person" job, behind a locked door on the hideout's first floor. In the Wasteland, in the blue shipping container, after the Feltrite Refinery.

In the Authority Prison, inside the hole in the corridor's left side wall, before reaching the first security turret. The Scorchers goes some way to healing the mental wound inflicted on players who were similarly irked by the experience.

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Once all three buttons have been pressed, go to the dead end stairwell on the second floor, and enter the activated portal near the mattress with the Quake graffiti to reach the secret Quake room. Reach the Dam facility along the small concrete path above the exit. In the Wasted Garage, on the floor of the dead end stairwell on the third floor.

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In the Power Plant, in a filing cabinet in the office above the control room. Possessing preternatural speed and a granite-like carapace, swarms of these nightmarish beings will easily bring you down should you become disorientated by a flanking scoop mutant attack especially on a respectable difficulty.

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In the Wasteland, on the nightstand beside the bed in Dan's Gas Station. In the Authority Prison, after the fight in Cellblock E, go up the stairs to find it on the shelf to your right in the corner. If done correctly, you should pick up the item and have it in your inventory.

It is hard to see, but you can activate it by crouching down and squeezing up against the right wall. In The Well, after the long passage with the concrete pillars, there is a ladder on your left that leads to some supplies.

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Hidden Wolfenstein room During the first mission "Ghost Hideout"after you are ambushed and have to use the defibrillator to revive yourself, enter the next area, and kill all the enemies. In the Authority Prison, after splitting up from Captain Marshall and before exiting the prison, in a closet room on the right side of the corridor. Under a filing cabinet rage wellspring casino the corner of the room is the button.

After all seven keyboards have been pressed, go back towards the Gearhead Vault's exit beginning rage wellspring casino the level. Presenting the aforementioned worthwhile content and also including another round of the compelling and darkly comic Mutant Bash TV, ultra-nightmare difficulty mode, new mini-games poker addiction, anyone?

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In the Wasteland, behind some boxes on the Authority Bridge. In the Wasteland, on the ground near the pipe entrance to Dead City. Repeat this as much as desired. In the Wasteland, on top of the barrel next to Becky, in the Hagar Settlement.

Playing Card locations Search the indicated locations to find all hidden Playing Cards: The reward for completing Durar's Time Trial in the Wasteland. This glitch was done on an unpatched version of the game.

Xbox review by Pete Worth on January 29, I was enjoying RAGE before, almost mimicking death itself, it abruptly finished without the option to continue. Hidden Quake room After completing all missions related to the Wasted Garage location, enter the Wasted Garage from the fifth floor Radio Tower entrance, and go down to the fourth floor.

In the Shrouded Bunker, on a shelf near the elevator, after the atrium battle.