Fixed Prosthodontics - Tooth preparation guidelines for complete coverage metal crowns

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The ideal finish line form suggested is discussed and demonstrated in detail.

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Reduction of the mesial surface The instrument is aligned with the desired path of placement. Valuable suggestions are made regarding preparation design for tilted teeth used as abutments for fixed partial dentures in order to enhance resistance form and retention form.

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Preparation of a mandibular left first molar for a complete gold crown The entire occlusal surface is uniformly reduced using the depth grooves as guides. They should follow the pathways and depths of the developmental grooves.

Reducing the occlusal aspect of the facial surface using grooves to guide reduction depth Casts where multiple axial surface modifications were placed to enhance the resistance form of the prepared molar abutments. A depth groove prepared along the entire mesiodistal length of the central developmental groove is very helpful in achieving adequate reduction in an area that is commonly under reduced.

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A depth of 0. The instrument is held parallel with the slope of the surface prior to reduction. Cemented finished fixed partial denture Tooth preparation guidelines for complete coverage metal crowns 2.

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Placing facial depth grooves to promote uniform reduction. Preparation of a mandibular right first molar for a complete gold crown. No portion of this program of instruction may be reproduced, recorded or transferred by any means electronic, digital, photographic, mechanical etc.

They are formed by using a diamond instrument with a rounded tip and a diameter of 0. The clinical steps used in preparation of teeth for complete coverage metal crowns are nicely demonstrated. Fixed Prosthodontics - Tooth preparation guidelines for complete coverage metal crowns Premolar slot prep presentation discusses the principles of metal crown preparations full veneer crowns. Measuring the wax thickness and familiarity with the amount of light that passes through a given thickness of wax are used to assess reduction adequacy.

Occlusal depth grooves are prepared to a uniform depth of 1. Working cast of the completed tooth preparations for a mandibular three unit fixed partial denture fixed lakeshore casino penticton prostheses.

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Both facial and proximal grooves were used to enhance resistance. The advantages and disadvantages of this type of restoration are discussed along with the indications and contraindications for use.

Tipped abutments frequently need axial grooves to enhance resistance.

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This prepared molar possesses greater occlusocervical dimension than most mandibular molars and therefore did not require auxiliary resistance form features. The rotary instrument is then moved around the tooth perimeter while maintaining the desired depth 8. Placing lingual depth grooves to promote uniform reduction of that surface.

Due to severe malalignment of the abutments, a nonrigid connector will be used between the pontic and the premolar abutment. Furthermore, should nodules occur in the casting, they are easier to remove when the line angles have been rounded.

Since the premolar and molar are not aligned with each other, the diamond instrument has been aligned with the prepared premolar. The axial walls converge occlusally within the desired 10 to 20 degrees of total occlusal convergence.

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Checking the occlusal clearance by having the patient bite through wax. Premolar slot prep restorations cover all coronal surfaces facial, lingual, mesial, distal and premolar slot prep. Line angles are rounded to facilitate pouring impressions without trapping air bubbles and investing wax patterns without air inclusions.

The facial grooves were used because there will be an anterior cantilevered pontic.

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