Australia’s National Card Game - The Cards and How to Play

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Except, a "blackjack" is the highest hand, consisting of an ace and any point card, and it outranks all other point hands.

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The dealer will automatically give each card a second card. If the dealer has 16 or less, blackjack wizard ace five he will draw another card. Players must bid a minimum of 6 tricks but can bid up to ten tricks. If the strategy says to "not split," then treat the hand has a hard total of 8, 10, or 20, according to the pair in question. If the strategy says to double, but you have three or more cards, or table rules don't allow soft doubling, then hit, except stand with a soft Blackjack wizard ace five to Play falls into the class of trick taking card games, which also includes Euchre, and other games such as Hearts, Spades, and Bridge.

You can play with a number of players other than four however, with rule variations for anywhere from two to six players. Otherwise, the rules are a little different, but still use six decks and the dealer stands on a soft Sometimes, a partnership will reach points or more upon winning a contract but their opponents will still have more than points and will win.


There are no rules about how to determine who deals at the beginning, but one simple way to do it is have everyone draw a card and the player with the high card deals. For more information, please see my page on the bust bet.

Bidding Misere means you will not take any tricks at all in a round that will have no trump suit.

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For example, my simple strategy says to stand on 12 against a 2, when it is mathematically better to hit. If the contractor has the joker, she or he may declare so at the beginning and assign that joker to a particular suit, at which point it would be considered the highest ranking card of that suit, above the Ace.

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Then, the player may hit, stand, or double normally. The declarer of Open Misere will play both hands against the opponents who get to hide their cards.

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Blackjack may be played with one to eight decks of card decks. The highest card of the suit played wins unless a trump card is played, in which case that trump card wins. This option is only available on the initial two cards, and depending on casino rules, sometimes it is not allowed at all.

The following are the choices available to the player: So in September I developed the following "Wizard's Strategy.

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Bonus Blackjack I have seen four different blackjack side bets called "Bonus Blackjack" through the years. Players sit around a table so that each partner can sit across from the other with their opponents on each side. Specifically, double with 10 against a 2 to 9, and with 11 against 2 to The object of blackjack is to beat the dealer.

If the strategy says to surrender 16 vs. To beat the dealer the player must first not bust go over 21 and second either outscore the dealer or have the dealer bust.

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After the players have bet, the dealer will give two cards to each player and two cards to himself. These rules also apply when someone other than the contractor holds the joker.

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Bet the Bust Please see my page on Bet the Bust for more information on this side bet. Perhaps the most frequent is this one, "The object of blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible, without going over. However, after pitching the basic strategy for 20 years, I've learned that few people have the will to memorize it.

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