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Simply "swipe" the Octopus Card over the reader to take advantage of this discount. Octopus Card transaction records have also been used as evidence in obtaining convictions for crime.

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The maximum stored value limit for O! In AugustOctopus Cards introduced an "OctoCheck" app for Android mobile devices which allows smartphone users to check their Octopus transaction records by holding their Octopus Cards close to the back of their mobile phone after registering the last five digits of the Octopus Card number. However following MTR fare increases between and there are a number of journeys, where the Octopus fare is slightly higher than the single-journey ticket fare.

On exit from the destination station there are exit barriers and the Octopus Card is "waved" or touched on the pad at the barriers in a similar way and appropriate fare deducted. The remaining value on the card is refundable and there is no administration fee for processing the refund.

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Also in January it was announced that the company had teamed up with mainland company Digital China Holdings to run a joint venture to develop and operate "Citizen Cards" in mainland China. This situation has arisen as Octopus fares are rounded to the nearest ten cents whereas as single-journey fares are rounded to fifty cents slot machine psd free would have resulted in a disproportionate fare increase for some low-value fares mainly child and elder concessionary fares and some single-journey fares are unchanged.

Personalised Octopus Card allows holders to use the automatic add-value service whereby the card is automatically topped up when the balance reaches a certain level and the holders bank account is charged accordingly. Only 5, handsets are available during the pilot and functions of the standard Adult Octopus Card will be available but concessions such as those provided by the Child or Elder Octopus are not be available.

No identification is required for purchase, records of purchasers are not kept and cards can be transferred from person to person. The card has two "e-purses" in Hong Kong dollars and yuan in a single chip and will be territory-based so that transactions made in Hong Kong will be charged in Hong Kong dollars and transactions made in Shenzhen will be charged in yuan.

Once cancelled the card is permanently disabled and cannot be reused. New design On-loan Adult, Child and Elder Octopus Cards available exclusively to holders of First Generation On-loan cards who replace those cards at self-service Octopus Service Points from October First Generation On-Loan Octopus Cards were designed and manufactured before the establishment of Near Field Communication NFC standards and do not have the same functions such as compatibility with smartphone apps or level of security as later editions.

Child and Elder Octopus Cards are transferable and any concessionary Octopus Card can be used to obtain a concessionary fare for which the user is eligible ie the card does not have to be the one loaned to the user. The standard version was launched on 11th September In addition to incorporating the functions of the standard On-Loan Octopus Card, Personalised Octopus Card is often used for access control at residential buildings.

It is not yet known whether taxi other operators slot machine psd free follow suit.

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Octopus services have since been expanded and the card can also be used at over 13, retail outlets and 5, service providers including fast food outlets, bakeries and cake shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, household and personal care stores, boutiques, photo finishing services, telecommunications shops, vending machines, self service kiosks, photocopiers, photo booths, cinemas, telephone kiosks, parking machines, educational campuses and recreational facilities as well as for access control in residential and commercial buildings.

A previous trial in involving 20 New Territories taxis failed, one reason slot machine psd free that taxi drivers had to return to their office at the end of each shift to enable accounting formalities to be completed. Personalised cards also offer some protection against loss or theft as the card can invalidated to prevent unauthorised use. On buses the Octopus Card reader is situated next to the drivers cab opposite the slot machine psd free doors on buses.

Digital China Octopus Information Technology Systems will bid for provincial and municipal government contracts to supply and operate cards for services such as social security, medical and healthcare, cultural, educational and birth planning, as well as residential property management and utility bill payments.

For example a card cannot be used to open entry barriers and then immediately be passed back for another person to open the barriers with the same card since a time delay programmed into the card prevents the card being used at the same entry barriers within a period of time which varies between transport operator.

In the event of misuse, offenders face a financial penalty and confiscation of the card. A smart phone app "TaxiGo" by Motion Power is available for iPhone and Android mobile devices, which, using GPS lists Octopus-enabled taxis by distance and allows users to order by either calling the driver direct or contacting the call centre. The card has separate "electronic purses" enabling yuan payments in Guangdong and Hong Kong dollar payments in Hong Kong and was launched on 3rd July Without Elder Octopus Card, foreign elderly visitors can still obtain concessionary fares either by purchasing single-journey tickets for MTR journeys or paying in cash, or where applicable, buying tickets for bus and ferry journeys.

Unlike the On-Loan Octopus they usually have no stored value included in the purchase price. No form of registration or any personal information is required to purchase an On-Loan Octopus Card except Personalised Octopus Cards which are not suitable for most visitors - see "Personalised Octopus Card" below.

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The new card, which can be used for both payment of public transport fares and for small-value purchases is targeted at the many frequent cross-border travellers. The card cannot be used for any further transaction once a negative balance has accumulated until the card has been reloaded.

Age of eligibility for concessions can vary between transport operators eg the main franchised bus operators allow half-price fare for children up to and including age 11 but children up to age 4 to travel free when accompanied by an adult and not occupying a seat. The prompt is in effect for three months, with the first batch of cards receiving prompts from 18th October and needing to be replaced by 20th January For details of current Sold Octopus products see; http: Uniformed staff of transport operators have the slot machine psd free to require passengers using concessionary cards to produce ID with proof of age if requested.

On-Loan and Sold Octopus Card can be purchased by anybody, since sale is unrestricted. Foreign elderly visitors are able to obtain the Elder Octopus Card which allows the same generous concessions as local senior citizens enjoy under the government's "Public Transport Fare Concession Scheme for the Elderly and Eligible Persons with Disabilities", which was introduced in three phases between June and March Octopus Cards can be bought "over the counter" at any of the locations detailed below under "Where to Purchase the Card".

At MTR slot machine psd free entry barriers the same Octopus Card cannot be used at the same entry barriers within a period of ten minutes. The purchase price of the card includes no useable value and is not refundable.

Note - visitors intending to use Octopus Card to travel on the Airport Express from the airport to Tsing Yi, Kowloon or Hong Kong Station can board the Airport Express train without Octopus Card or ticket there are no platform barriers at the airport station and purchase Octopus Card or ticket at the Airport Express Customer Service Centre on the arrival platform, before the platform exit barriers, at the destination station.

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