The Biggest Roulette Wins in Recorded History

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Charles Wells

Apparently Mr Revell is doing well after his legendary win. After the third 17, Connery q9550 slot his winnings and left. First, he sought out casinos with favorable house rules.

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The MIT gamblers got around this problem by working as a team. First, he lost all the money back in Monte Carlo.

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He is a billionaire entrepreneur who owns many business ventures, among which is the football club Newcastle United. Unfortunately, the casino caught wind of what was going on and removed the defect wheel from the casino. Took advantage of a biased roulette wheel Now, for something a bit different.

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Somehow, Wells managed to play the game clean and remarkably won over a million francs during an hour marathon. Our website contains plenty of information on the best online casinos where you can start winning. Cooking casino Sean Connery was a gambling enthusiast even before he became a famous actor.

Once again, he managed to win over a million francs — and according to all sources, he did it on pure luck, without cheating in any way. As you can see, anyone can win at roulette — from people who wager their life savings, to successful billionaires.

Ashley Revell

Amarillo would supply the paddles. He left his winnings there, and the 35—1 wager hit again. Some suspect that he casino style cake decorations the second matchnoting that he for some reason chose not to bet on himself—and Riggs was undeniably a gambler.

She won consecutive throws. The man gained worldwide fame from his gambling exploits.

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How he got there is amazing. Connery wagered his winnings one last time, again on 17 — and he was lucky again.

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Amarillo had practiced for months with skillets in preparation.