Best in slot resto druid challenge mode gear. Best in Slot (BiS) Resource for WoW (Patch - T22)

Every attempt you do for gold should be the same strategy as before so plan your cooldown and use them as you plan too.

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Stack it with berserker if ur a troll and I re-used it on the third boss to burn down the boss while CC'ing the adds. About Our Author This guide has been reviewed and approved by Tortyone of the main Restoration Druid theorycrafters.

It lists your best items, with an best in slot resto druid challenge mode gear on trinkets, and gives you gearing advice. Moonfire, wrath whenever you have a chance to do it.

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Omen of Clarity all the way no reason to go for something else, you won't burn your mana and you may not have to drink most of the time. Ursolf's Vortex, simply to regroup adds and slow them make it alot more easier for your group, its pretty situationnal but in the overall will give you huge benefits in term of time to get gold.

Table of Contents

Don't drink too much, make sure your always on range and most of the time Omen of Clarity will save your ass when you can't really drink. If you need better HPS on static moment in the dungeons or maybe extras dps if it allow you too HotW become better. The damage will be high on your tank but member can mostly avoid all damage, make sure they use defensive personals and healthstone, Tonic is better anyway.

Keep some rejuv on members not all but atleast 2 with lifebloom rejuv on tank on every pull that way you will never fall behind and will have some prep, use cenarion ward before pulls on your melee member he will greatly benifit it while you are busy healing your tank.

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Trinkets We will list notable trinkets that you should aim to get. Get alot of invisibility potion. If you plan drinking alot between pulls make sure to use Roar to let your group benifit it, then drink and at the end use ur bash speed in cat to catch up.

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Don't change strategy too often and try to maximise what you already know. I did everbloom without drinking once.

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Feral Swiftness or Displacer beast, Honestly if you plan you being always at the good spot you don't need displacer beast and actualy feral swiftness become pretty good since its a speed run. Each secondary stat is extremely close to each other with Intellect reigning supreme.

Using this both talent will save you just a ton of mana and when using ToL you will be able to spam heal the tank during very intensive AoE fight. Don't overthink too much with decisions. If you have time to pop cooldowns on trash use them, make sure they are up whenever you will need them later on the run. You will save some seconds overall here.

Typhoon, this is a very good talent for interupt one to multiples adds at the same times. If the AoE pull is on a static position make sure efflorescence is on the ground before everything above and do not use wild growth unless you have a very high amount of haste to go with or you will probably not make it. The other pages of our Restoration Druid guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

All the dps count for gold and good timers.

The optimal gearing strategy in this case would be to just equip highest item level pieces whenever possible, excluding trinket and Azerite armor pieces. If the tank plan to take alot of damage give him first scenario ward on him and Iron Bark secs after the pull. Try to always move with cat form in most scenario. Renew when everyone is full rejuv on other target in case and if you eat damage use barskin and use healthstone instead of healing urself.

General Information

Never drink too much, go soft make sure your always close to your group and with Hots rolling or you will fall behind. Most of the World Quest trinkets offer similar power to each other and to Conch of Dark Whispers with the exception of Dinobone Charmwhich is listed on this page separately.

Buy intellect flasks with food buffs buffets.

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If it's a very dangerous pulls, you will want to use HotW with a Intellect Potion, Rejuvs most members at risk, keep Lifebloom and rejuv on tanks, Iron Bark him again secs after pull and go ToL pop berserker if you're a troll and then spam Regrowth until most of the npc's dies then it will be alot smoother.

Bounce between HotW or Nature Vigil, it will differ on what dungeon your doing first. So my group saved theirs for the next pull before third boss.

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It's all about timings. If you don't need to use Ursolf's Vortex go with Mighty Bash for stunning powerful adds. Tree of Life, Best in slot resto druid challenge mode gear used it over the two other over all my cm's, simply because I was using Omen of Clarity which made ToL a big mana saver for all the dungeons. On Everbloom, I've used HotW since we needed extra's dps.

I used it on First boss when he goes phase 2 with a intellect potions and I pulled as much dps as my team did.