Persona 5 The Animation

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Akechi visits Leblanc with Sae, and Ren meets him there for the first time instead of at the TV studio. Futaba's conversation from inside her closet is reduced, not mentioning why she wanted her heart stolen in the first place. Morgana summons his Persona after Ryuji awakens his own. Ann is the one to call out to Futaba to open the door instead of Makoto.

Sojiro finding the calling card in Futaba's room is shown.

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There are slight differences in what the hallucinatory voices that Futaba hears say to hear. Akechi is shown to be intentionally overhearing the Phantom Thieves' conversation at Okumura Foods, instead of passing by and seeing them with confusion.

Shadow Kunikazu leaves telling Cognitive Sugimura to deal with her right before Haru's awakening of her Persona. Ren helps Shiho Suzui after accidentally bumping into her in the school hallway. Ren helps Hifumi to get away from men who talked to her. Haru's visit to the hospital when her father is taken to the emergency room is shown.

Ren visits Yongen-Jaya's batting foxwoods casino indian museum with Akechi, while in the game he never invites his friends there. Ren and Ryuji sell Kamoshida's Treasure to Iwai together. Ann's run-in with the woman who blamed Ann for bumping into her in the Wilton Hotel buffet stands casino animation shown.

Morgana apologizes for his decision before unwilling stating that he and the Thieves should seperate. Makoto's confrontation with Kaneshiro is shown. Ippon-Datara is not present after Yusuke awakens his Persona. Haru overhears Ren, Shiho and Ann's stands casino animation, and she starts to get by from her angst as a result.

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The TV screen involving the news of Kaneshiro's arrest is much clearer. Akechi and Ren then work together to solve the case while Ren spends his time helping Yusuke with his problems. Flashbacks about Makoto, Sae and their father are shown, including their father's funeral.

All of the Thieves go to meet Haru in the garden, unlike in the game where only Ren and Makoto talks with Haru.

Ryuji didn't call Ren during Makoto's questioning. A challenge that must be won Differences between the game and anime include: There is a brief flashback of Futaba watching her mother collapsing on the street before she gets killed in a car accident.

Kawakami talks to Ren outside the classroom after he meets Ryuji, rather than inside the faculty room. Makoto and Ren finding Futaba unconscious at the entrance of Sojiro's residence is cut.

After meeting Ohya, who is already drunk and asks for more drinks from Lala Escargot, Mishima is horrified. Ren and Ryuji do not encounter the police before they go to Shujin Academy. Let's be friends, shall we?

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While in Madarame's Palace, the Phantom Thieves never show Yusuke the portraits of himself or Madarame's other pupils in order to convince him. Ryuji lets his former teammates beat him up to get even with them instead of leaving him off the hook.

The Phantom Thieves riding on Morgana is cut. Akechi alludes to Shido when being asked about his sense of justice. Ren and Ryuji visit Munehisa Iwai 's Untouchable airsoft shop after the calling card for Kamoshida is sent. The situation during first visit to Ichigaya 's fishpond in the anime is reversed as in the game Ren and Ryuji are fishing and Kawakami comes upon them.