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Sniper Eye Japanese Name: Ice Ring Japanese Name: The shops are entered via the main menu. Before beginning their mission, Angeal informs Zack that he recommended him to become 1st Class.

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While approaching the Wutai stronghold, Angeal tells Zack about his childhood. The town is bombed by Shinra Army aircraft with Zack and Tseng evacuating via helicopter.

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He was best friends with the mayor's son, Genesis Rhapsodos, and never stole from his family's tree even if it was the biggest in the village, and was too proud to ask for handouts. Magic Master Japanese Name: Soul of Thamasa Japanese Name: Main summon sequences are skippable FMVs.

Fire Ring Japanese Name: Crystal Glove Japanese Name: Adds Death status attack to weapon.

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Halves damage received from magic attacks. Obtain from a treasure chest in Mission Titan Bangle Japanese Name: Aegis Armlet Japanese Name: Adds Stop status effect to weapon.

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Escort Guard Japanese Name: Obtain at the end of Chapter 4. Sector 8 Materia Shop Japanese Name: Zack thinks he defeats it, but it gets back up and overwhelms him when he lets his guard down. Bronze Bangle Japanese Name: At Modeoheim, Zack and the team finds an abandoned warehouse Genesis has been using as a base.

When Zack notes Angeal used the Buster Sword, his mentor retorts Zack's life is slightly more important than the sword.

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