Nokia RM-364 User Manual

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As such, you cannot access or delete these files. Using the Photos app, you can either delete some of the unnecessary photos or move them to the SD card by bulk selecting them and choosing Save to SD card.

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Other — Other generally includes the files which are not recognized by Windows Phone and hence cannot be categorized. However, in some cases, the System may go up taking a lot of space and unfortunately only a hard reset can free up extra space consumed by the System.

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Similarly, any video files in supported formats on the internal storage are counted under the Videos category. You can tap Manage to shoot up the default Music Player or Video Player to delete the files that you no longer need.

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Thank you for subscribing. You can then delete the former to make some space. Similarly for the messaging, delete the unnecessary text messages to make sure they do not eat a lot of space.

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Temporary Files These files are created for temporary purposes casino table images as the offline cache stored by Internet Explorer or raw file created by camera before processing the image and saving it to the folder. You can also use a File Manager app to easily move photos or folders to the SD card. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously.

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Further tapping on a drive Phone Memory or SD Card will initiate the scanning process and the app will take a couple of minutes to calculate where your storage space is being used. Clearing temporary files should not affect the normal functioning of the phone. These can be managed using the Office app.

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We will never spam or sell your email to a 3rd party, promise! However, Windows Phone does not allow you to access and delete whatever you want to.

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Do you like this post? Temporary Files are cleared automatically, but you can also delete them manually.

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Windows Phone also keeps on deleting unnecessary files from the System when the free storage becomes low.