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You can avoid these common mistakes by following the Super-Easy strategy.

The color-coded charts on the right calculate and display the results graphically, giving the familiar hit-stand tables that you see in all good blackjack books. This information is needed to calculate the total expected value house edge.

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For the vast majority of gamblers, the answer is no. This tells the spreadsheet that hitting 12 vs. In my video, I cover the following topics: The newsletter shows the specific table rules, minimum and maximum bet sizes, house edge, and other playing conditions for almost all casinos in the US that deal blackjack.

To develop the Super-Easy, Simple, and Great simplified strategies, I modified the spreadsheet with simplification decisions and examined the effects on the total return. House edge means the percentage of your bet that you can expect to lose in easy way memorize blackjack basic strategy long run while using the strategy. Use this strategy if you are playing for very long hours and high stakes, to get the best possible edge.

To analyze a game in which doubling is allowed only on a player total of 10 or 11, set the expected return of doubling to Overview starts at 0: The truth is that card counting changes your slight disadvantage to only a tiny slight advantage.

See Blackjack House Edge video. This sheet determines the best decision, either standing, hitting, or doubling, for each possible player total, by comparing the average return for the three possible decisions. If you have trouble believing some of the playing decisions of the basic strategy, or if you're a skeptical type who doesn't accept things on faith, this spreadsheet provides proof that the basic strategy is truly correct.

The lower part shows the probabilities when the dealer doesn't check the hole card European hole card rule. This sheet calculates the expected value of each possible combination of initial player total and dealer up-card, calculated by multiplying the probability of being dealt that combination and the expected return of that combination.

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Simple Basic Strategy The Simple strategy is recommended for typical blackjack players. The figures in the table are based on typical Las Vegas playing rules: Great Basic Strategy The Great basic strategy is recommended for serious players playing for long hours and high stakes. Edge" heading at the top of the right-most column to list all the casino games in order of increasing house edge.

Also, he combines the splitting and doubling decisions with the hit and stand decisions in the same block, which is the usual way of showing strategy tables.

If you already know the Simple strategy, these are the additional decisions to learn for the Great strategy: Advanced card counting strategies like Omega II and Wong Halves are abundant online and can be found on sites like Casino.

To modify the spreadsheet for a game that doesn't allow surrender, you can simply change all the This sheet tabulates the value of surrender, which is simply For example, if the surrender option is allowed, it reduces the house edge by 0. If you understand him completely, you have no need for my video.

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He completes these tasks in less than one hour, explaining step-by-step how to fill in the spreadsheet. This sheet determines the better decision, either standing or hitting, for each possible player total, by comparing the average return for the two possible decisions.

To take full advantage of the better games, you need to learn the strategy decisions for the specific rules. Watch the Wizard's videos first. This sheet calculates the expected return of each possible combination of pearl theater palms casino player total and dealer up-card, given that the player takes the best action for each possible situation.

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The two simple strategies have slightly different strategy decisions and about the same simplification penalty. This sheet shows the probability of each possible final outcome 17 through 21 or bustgiven the dealer's current total.

Please note that this is a long-term average, not the likely result of session!

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Again, the color-coded charts on the right calculate and display the results graphically. The Wizard's chart is more compact, but I think you'll find it easier to read and memorize the Simple strategy here at BlackjackCalculation. Wizard of Vegas forum discussion on Simplified Basic Strategy Good luck playing a simplified basic strategy!

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If you see a sign on the table that says "Blackjack Pays 6: You will definitely lose money on some gambling trips, card counting or not. A return of This accounts for about half of the difference between the Simple strategy which uses this simplification and Great strategy which does not.

The strategy chart is automatically updated as you set the rules. This sheet determines whether it's better to keep a pair either standing, hitting, doubling, or surrendering it or to split the pair.

Split 2s, 3s, and 7s vs.

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