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All the treasures from a duke are counted for the treasure ranking of the king and generate victory points for the allianceas well. Unlike the other four tribes, Natural troops cannot attack other villages but may be attacked.

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The chief's special power is only triggered when all of the following conditions are met: Heroes can equip items, embark on adventures, capture oases and produce resources. They can also accompany an army. There is a maximum of 7 dukes for each kingdom.

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You can win a range of valuable items and bonuses. Players may operate accounts in multiple Worlds, but operating more than one account in the same World is prohibited by the rules.

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If you settle or chief a village from your own village call it V1and then later your V1 is chiefed, you will keep the settled village but lose your V1. The equipment upgrades also help to bridge the gap between the relatively weak items that are slot travian at the start of a server or can be purchased in auctions and the more valuable items in the later stages of the game.

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There are nine types of artefacts; the bonuses of the first six are stronger buildings, faster troops, better spies, less hungry troops, faster troop training, and improved cranny capacity with less precision for enemy catapults. For normal game rounds the sequence begins after about slot travian. There are two different playing modes: After logging in, the player can follow a tutorial that guides them through various aspects of the game and offers rewards for successful completion.

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Resources are produced by the resource fields that surround each settlement; their output can be increased by upgrading the fields and by capturing nearby oases. This will increase territorial flexibility even further, and also ensure that you can store all the treasures you slot travian from robber hideouts and camps or raided from your enemies.

Because of this usage it is more common to hear all tribal leaders referred to as simply "Chiefs".

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As a duke you have an option to convert one of your hidden treasuries into active state. As soon as a slot is occupied, it will show you the number of treasures this duke has stored in his treasury.

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After a period of time, the next round begins, and the game starts afresh. At the start of the game, there is a "beginner's protection" period, in which the player cannot be attacked, the length of which depends on the server. The enemy village does not have a Residence or Palace.

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