GIGABYTE Launches CMTSeries PCIe x8 and PCIe x16 SSD Risers

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The Alienware 17 R4 Processor: Outside of the typical Windows 10 suite, the only third-party apps on the Alienware 13 are Twitter, Pandora, Royal Revolt 2, Asphalt 8: Battery Life Well, this is a shocker. That full-bodied sound also carried over to my Witcher 3 play-through, letting me enjoy the grisly pleasure of hearing metal hitting flesh against a backdrop of frantic tambourines, yelping women and a lively fiddle.

Prepare alienware 13 ssd slots be mesmerized. It can also be used for non-gaming functionality, such as looking at your computer to wake it up.


It's not as bright as the Blade's Chroma keyboard, but man, does the Alienware 13 look pretty in the dark. On the synthetic overall performance test Geekbench 3, the Alienware 13 obtained 14, demolishing the 7, average for thin-and-light notebooks.

Given that the installer image does not contain any GPU drivers, the resolution was fixed at x after first boot. Don't write backup copies of files when installing new programs or making system changes. The lid is still constructed from Alienware's Epic Gray anodized aluminum, while the remainder is made of magnesium alloy.

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This step requires an extra amount of care and finesse since the base panel seems to be practically glued to the case. That's well above percent, which we consider excellent, and it also tops the 89 percent average for thin-and-light notebooks. Once opened, you have access to the SSD, the fan, the battery, and the RAM slots that are hidden behind an extra shield.

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To ensure your games are running on the fastest network possible, the notebook also has Killer Network Manager. Defragmenting a hard disk's used space is only useful on mechanical disks with multi-millisecond latencies. Unlike with previous generations, Alienware has toned down the light show on this machine, for a more mature take on the company's galactic theme.

Aside from a few desiccated flaps of skin, the only tissues left were from her long gray tongue, which she used to try to alienware 13 ssd slots me.

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At p, the Alienware 13 saw a score of 45 fps. Every key felt like a springy mattress against my fingers, thanks to the 2. The backlighting is capable of producing 20 different colors that can be programmed with the AlienFX software.

That was enough to beat the Stealth Pro and P55W, which scored 48 fps and 33 fps, respectively. During the OpenOffice Spreadsheet Macro test, the Alienware 13 paired 20, names and addresses in 3 minutes and 19 seconds, which is much faster than the 5: However, both the Blade and the P55W were brighter, at and nits, respectively. Somehow, Alienware found a way to improve on its already stellar audio quality.

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Freefall Sensor Driver 5. Overall, if you're looking for a gaming laptop that's equal parts brawn and beauty, the Alienware 13 is a no-brainer. You can tweak the power settings with Alien Fusion, while AlienAdrenaline allows you to create custom shortcuts, monitor performance and adjust the Graphics Amplifier if you have one handy.

Equipped with a 2. There is no cache on the SSD, so there are no benefits to write caching. Our system is the minimum configuration you can buy with the OLED screen.

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The keyboard now resides at the top of the deck, forcing the glowing power key disguised as an extraterrestrial's head to a spot over to the top right of the deck. Searching for files will still work. Free-space defragmentation may be useful to SSDs, but this feature is not available in the default Windows Defragmenter.

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There are conflicting reports on whether this gains speed or not. The Alienware 13's optional OLED display continues to offer the most vibrant output of any laptop on the market. Alienware 15 R3 Specifications: The test shots I took in the office captured the exact hue of my orange and alienware 13 ssd slots sweater dress as well as my complexion.