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Bruce Waynea guest at the opening gala, quickly gives his date the push, and summons Alfred with a Batsuit.

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Vido Musso couldn't resist borrowing the hat, which turned out to be a mistake of major proportions. In just four months after opening the new convention center, it boasted the following conventions: The last hunk of it went in the ear of an old gent wearing a hearing aid, who picked the wrong time to wander within range. Tallulah Bankhead, who was starring in the Copa Room helped with the burying.

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I recall him saying to me in his deep voice, 'Never scratch a poor man's back. Ya make me sick". From its inaugural running in through the race was laps, but after O. In May ofit was reported that Dorothy Entratter, Jack's wife had passed away. Marty Allen and Steve Rossi presented Patti Page with a life-sized "Oscar", and a huge bouquet of long-stemmed red roses in tribute to Page's sensational closing week in the Copa Room.

After Lenox Industrial Tools left as title sponsor, Camping World picked up the sponsorship of the event through its RV Sales department for andand since the moniker became popular with the fans, NHMS decided to keep their July event laps long.

The rooms were housed in five two-story Bermuda modern-style buildings, each named after a famous thoroughbred racetrack, arranged in a semi-circle around a half-moon shaped swimming pool. At intervals, he'd lean the mike over in front of Dean but before Dean could focus his eyes on it and open his mouth sing, Sonny would snatch it back.

There I found the 'arrogant, nasty' Darin stretched out on burton ernie casino cot. Pictured are Red Skelton, Mrs.

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Lewis, and Red Skelton. When he got to 'dear Dino,' the audience gave out with sort of a collective gasp and joined in on the singing in earnest.

In February ofthe resort as well as the nation went into mourning when Nat King Cole passed away. The Texan figured the critters on stage were a right neighborly bunch and kept joining them at regular intervals for the rest of the set.

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Bobby did the show, then bolted off the stage after a quickie bow. The 20 Sands Ziegfeld Girls were personally chosen by Jack Entratter from all sections of the country. During one of Dave Burton's appearances in the Copa Room he showcased his true talents when he proved he could sing songs in 16 different languages.

He was an innovator too, being the first owner to give blacks full and equal hotel privileges. Lewis, Keely Smith and Sonny King as the opening show.

An eggcrate grill, cantilevered from a solid anchor pylon, played with the desert light and shadow. Skal is an international organization of travel executives. Frank Sinatra flew in that day to replace Thomas for two days. The three modernistic pylons was hewn from rough Italian marble.

Dino had gone through another drink by this time and when a cocktail fetcher hurried by, he grabbed one off the tray. As for the great prophet of TV Guide, Richard Gehman, he's been trying to scrape the egg off his face for the last year.

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Joker enters the casino, where he is mistaken for a dealer as they are all dressed as him. The piano theme was adopted because of Skelton's prolific music writing. He changes the channel back, and mutters to himself, "Ah, you bunch of no good, whacked-out losers.

From the outset he presented the biggest names in entertainment. This beautiful mansion is of imposing southern Colonial architecture, with tall Gothic columns, set in a faultlessly landscaped park. Infiltrating Kaiser's office as Batman, he sees a model of the proposed casino, where the Joker's head has been slipped over a building labeled "Camelot.

Figuring he needed both hands to grab the mike, Dino set his drink on the piano. Sinatra had to leave due to contract obligations, and Billy Gray flew in and took over until Thomas came back.